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Pugs in MMORPG's

Pugs in MMORPG's can sometimes be a frustrating experience.  Why? 

I see people all the time complaining about players in their pugs.  They have low dps, bad gear, using a two hander as a tank, and etc.  What do most players do?  They usually ridicule the person by calling them a noob, vote kicking them, and etc.  Is that really how to treat someone?  Is that really going to help them the next time they join a group?

Why not take the time to show them how to play, or what they might be doing wrong?  What good is it to throw someone to the wolves, and not help them?  If you are such a great player shouldn't you be able to teach other players how to be a great player?  Why is it that everyone is expected to be an elite player from day one? 

The funniest thing about pugs is everyone in the group thinks everyone else in the group is not as good as them.  Ask anyone who joins a pug, and they will always tell you about how bad everyone else was.  You never hear anyone talk about how they joined a pug, and all the players were better than them.

Why do players always think they are better than everyone else when they join a pug?