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Warhammer Online Charges Me 16 Times Today

This is the one time I am not saying Thank God It's Friday. I woke up feeling pretty good, until I logged into my twitter account. I was seeing this huge uproar about being billed numerous times by Mythic.

At first I didn't think much of it. I thought it was just a few people affected. I decided to log into my bank account, and all my credit cards. I fell over in shock when I saw my account balance on my checking account.

I called my bank immediately to get the charges reversed immediately. Guess what? It only took them 23 seconds to charge my account 16 times, but I may not see my money for two months.

Why two months? That is how long a complete fraud investigation takes. I guess after 10 business days they will give me a provisional credit back. Thanks Mythic.

Later Mythic did eventually post that the charges were going to start being reversed, and could take up to 36 hours. My bank told me that debit chargebacks or reversals take 10 business days.

It is all the inconvenience they have caused me now. Is my account even safe? They haven't even said how it happened. Did the billing company get hacked? Is my credit card number floating out there now?

Is my direct deposit safe? Will it happen again when I have important charges pending?

All I can say is they better do something other than just reversing charges. I better see some free game time, and not just 30 days worth. This is huge. Will they shrug it off like Toyota, or do it the right way when Intel handled the Pentium flaw 15 years ago.

I guess only time will tell. I will forgive Mythic when I receive a SWTOR guaranteed closed beta invite.