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Orvr Will Be Fun Finally

Sometimes baby steps are the answer. The most exciting thing at GamesCom 2010 for me was Mythic making the announcement that victory points, and timers are going away. I have been ranting about that on Wasdstomp forever it seems. It is nice to see that maybe they do read my blog, and take my ideas into consideration.

Most players are disappointed right now, but when I saw that they were removing the vp system, and timers I see it as the big announcement. At least for me just hearing that news was the big announcement.

Did I want to hear more juicy details? Of course I did. Who wouldn't? I really think the game is turning around. Did they intentionally keep things vague on purpose? I think they did. Guess what it enables them to do? It gives them the opportunity to read blogs, forums, and social media to see ideas that players think it is going to be like.

It lets them see what changes players want to see, and they can adapt, and change as they go. If they would have just made a full blown announcement than possibly they are spending more time back pedaling than creating content.

I personally think with the removal of victory points, and timers it is going to make Orvr wide open. Mix that in with Against All Odds, and it is just going to be the best pvp game out there.

It sounds like flipping renown will be gone, and they are introducing renown spikes which is way better. If renown spikes are like defense ticks currently I applaud it. This way you have to be out in the field killing to earn the ticks. No more watching timers on State of the Realm, and zone hopping to get zone flip renown.
I really hope they spread the campaign out to all the zones. I know I have read several great ideas before that would make Orvr fun. I can remember vaguely in DAOC it was always random on the keeps being taken, and what zones. I want Warhammer Online to be the same way.

Currently it is way to easy to know where your enemy is going next, and now it sounds like it won't be that way. I hope they rethink the War Report too. Make players figure things out. It is too easy now to run solo. You don't need a group of friends, or a guild to know where the fight is.

I solo alot myself because it is easy to do. I just use State of the Realm, and the War Report to know exactly where the fight is. I think the new changes will change all that.

I read somewhere that they wanted to make it similar to the way they changed the city. How would that work for Orvr?  I hope they have figured it out to where it will be fun.

I hope with all these changes that the whole loot system changes in Orvr.  Like I have stated before I would like the system to work more like the insignia, and emblem system than how it works currently.  The insignia and emblem system would keep everyone on the battlefield because no matter what they are bettering themselves. I suggest getting rid of crests, and medallions.   It also solves the players constantly crying about others opting out so they can get there annihilator gear.  It will be simple.  Everyone earns whatever current insignia or emblem ranking they are.  It would be a win-win for everyone.
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