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What Class to Play In Cataclysm

After being years away from World of Warcraft I need to figure out what class I want to play on December 7th.  I haven't really kept up on the game so I am pretty clueless on what classes to play.  I have previously played a Paladin, Mage, Warlock, Priest, and a Druid.

I played my Priest the most, but after I made a Druid I told myself I would never play a priest again.  I literally ragequit playing my Mage about a week or two after hitting max level.  I hated my Pally, but at the time Pallies were the gimp, but I hear now they are pretty good.  I loved my Warlock, but I hated collecting shards all the time.  The decision seems easy to choose Druid.

That is where the problems start.  I can't play a goblin druid, and I played Horde most of my time in Warcraft.  Is it time I changed to Alliance, and played a Worgen Druid?  I just hate the thought of not knowing the Alliance side of the game very well, but with Cataclysm I probably won't know anything on the Horde side either.

A part of me wants to see all the new Horde zones, but I don't want to play any of the old race/class combos.  I want to experience a fresh new game.  It is probably going to be a decision I end up making the night I log in to Cataclysm.

Are most players going to play a Goblin, or a Worgen for Cataclysm?

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