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Last Night On Gorfang

I took a nap, and logged into Warhammer Online much later than I normally do.  I have today off from work so I was able to play until the early morning hours.

Destruction was pushing to the city.  They had Empire locked, and close to locking Dwarf.  We had some great fights in Kadrin Valley. 

A group of four guildmates went venturing around looking for fights.  We were getting some pretty good renown.  It was fun, and broke up the normal monotony of RvR.

They were getting closer and closer to getting our keep.  I am not sure what was going on, but the keep door wasn't moving.  The rams kept getting damaged.

We just wanted to go defend the city.  Empire was getting closer, and closer to unlocking.  Destruction had about 30% to go on the door, and Empire was unlocking in five minutes.  It was a huge race.

In a way it would be funny to see it unlock thirty seconds before they took the Kadrin Valley, but we wanted the city just as much as Destro. 

The door gets to about 1%, and the ram breaks again.  I am not sure how they managed, but they got another ram up pretty quickly, and took the keep.  We stood at hardwater waiting for the flip.  The anticipation was killing us.

It takes around thirty seconds for the zone to flip after a keep, and the timer on Empire ran out about 15 seconds earlier.  It seemed like hours waiting, and waiting for it to either flip, or for it to unlock Empire.  It was the closest I have ever seen the two.

Luckily the flip finally comes, and we get to the city.  We luckily were able to farm two instances pretty easily, but the third one we got stuck fighting a premade destro warband.  It was fine.  We all got a few more pieces of gear so losing wasn't so bad.

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