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Why Cataclysm Lower Zone Revamp Is A Failure

The new starting zones in Cataclysm are simply amazing in the Goblin, and Worgen areas.  It really gave me high hopes for Cataclysm.  My characters are now all in the 20's, and I have to say I am pretty disappointed.  Where is everyone?

The lower zones are still literally ghost towns.  You are lucky to see one other person in the same zone.  The new revamping on the zones has aggravated me more than making me excited.  Most quests are the same, but have moved.  I spent more time in barrens trying to figure it out than actually leveling.

I feel like content has been removed.  I used to love Southern Barrens, and now it's a whole new zone.  I am not even sure when I go there now.  I feel lost.  How do I get to Thunderbluff now, 1k needles, Tanaris, and etc?  I used to be able to unlock fight paths by walking Southern Barrens and going to all these places.  How is this making the lower level experience better?

After some frustration I decided to check out Tarren Mill, and Hillsbrad.  Tarren Mill looks really cool now, but everything is different.  I see horses roaming everywhere.  No more bears, and spiders.  Dun Garok is now spirits.  Durnholde is empty except for five huge elite mobs.  Hillsbrad is empty except all the old bosses are now elites.  The Yetis have an elite.  The Dalaran bubble is gone, and now a huge crater.  You follow the river, and areas that were part of quests now have no mobs.  It is just empty landscapes, and buildings.  How is this making the lower level experience better?

I thought Cataclysm was supposed to bring life back to these new revamped zones?  Instead now you can't even complete quests, because they changed everything to elite mobs.  Did they think these zones were going to be populated like in vanilla wow?  How can they get people in these zones again?

It is overall pretty disappointing to me.  It is now feeling like the game I remember.  You just spend hundreds of hours out by yourself in a MMORPG to get to the point where you can actually do stuff.  Has the dungeon finder eliminated the need to quest, or grind?  Why would anyone even have to leave the city?

I know plenty of players who knock instanced games like Guild Wars, but if you really look at how Cataclysm has changed over the years it is basically the same.  Everyone congregates in the main city, and portals, queues, or whatever to go where they want.