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I Want To Join Arsenal

I admit it. I am jealous of the guild Arsenal on Gorfang. They are everything I ever dreamed about for a guild.

I know I suck, but a great guild can make a terribad player great. How can you not want to be a guild member of Arsenal?

They work together. They do scenarios together. They do LotD together. They help each other out. They use Ventrilo. They have Arisechicken doing one zillion healing in a city siege.

Why wouldn't you want to be part of this guild. They are everything that any MMORPG player would dream about. I wrote down that I want to be part of Arsenal. I heard if you write down your dreams that they become goals. If you achieve your goals than you are one happy mofo because you are in the best guild in Warhammer called Arsenal.

I know I am Order on Gorfang, but I have to be honest to all my loyal Wasdstomp RSS Readers. I would think I died, and gone to heaven if I was a member of Arsenal. They do things together.

I see no Order guilds on Gorfang that dominate like Arsenal does. Does destro actually fear anyone when queueing for scenarios?


Long Holiday Weekend

Well today officially starts the long holiday Memorial day weekend. Everyone be safe, and have fun. I will be /afk until Tuesday.


Are There Destro Pugs On Gorfang?

What is it that destro seems so much more organized in scenarios? Is it because we never let them in the city? Why are 9 out 10 scenarios usually dominated by some destruction premade?

It gets a little frustrating at times. Is it because I am without a guild so I never see Order dominating scenarios?

I just cringe when I see Arsenal, Opprimo Umbra, Pain Inc, Ruin of Praag, Coven, WGW, Beyond Redemption, and more in the same scenario as me.

It just makes scenarios not worth the time. If I am not going to make renown for 15 minutes of being slaughtered over, and over than I may as well log out, and eat two large pizzas to make myself feel better instead.

How To Fix Mailbox Guarding

Are you tired of seeing everyone just standing in the warcamp guarding the mailbox while others do all the work? Is it an easy fix?

I think it could easily be fixed. What if all guards were removed? It would make you have to protect your warcamp, and not just stand there afk.

What if the other faction takes over your warcamp, and kills everyone that flies in? Wouldn't it make the game more strategic? You could run in from the top zone, the bottom zone, or bind in a pve area.

Would it cause alot of ganking as you fly in? Would it create more pride for the faction by protecting your warcamp, and other players? Remember how much fun it was to invade each others warcamps in the Land of the Dead?


No City For You Destro

At least by the time I went to bed last night we were still keeping you from locking Reikland on Gorfang, and going to the city.

You wouldn't believe all the Order that just wanted to hand you guys the city. I think it is what motivated the rest of Order to keep it from happening.

It is just sad when your own faction decides it would be fun to defend Altdorf more than preventing a city siege. Where is the realm pride?


Insignia Baby Steps

Every day I get closer, and closer to my RvR weapon. Today I hit my 355 Invader Insignias, and bought my trophy. I am now proudly collecting Warlord Insignias now.

Choppas VS Slayers

Which is better a Choppa or a Slayer? Does a Choppa or a Slayer do more damage? What makes one more popular than the other?

I find it a little mind boggling myself. I don't play melee so I don't really know to much about the classes. The one thing I do know is I hate being killed by Choppas. I hear Order constantly complaining about scenarios being filled with Choppas.

The part I don't understand is Choppas are in the top five classes played on Destruction side while Slayer is on the bottom five for Order. If Choppas are so powerful, and OP than why aren't there ten slayers to every other class on the Order side.

Is a Slayer that much worse than a Choppa? Is it that a Choppa is 100 times cooler looking than a Slayer? Do people not play Slayers because they are dwarves, and look like they are wearing diapers?

They seem pretty OP to me from what I have seen. Just the other day I saw a Slayer take the warball or whatever it's called in Temple of Isha. He totally wiped out every Destruction by himself. At least it looked that way to me, and all the Order players were pretty amazed.

We had basically given up on the scenario as a loss, but once this Slayer took that warball the whole morale of Order changed by one single players domination.

Can someone explain why no one plays Slayer?


Population Stats Warhammer Online Analyzed

It has been ten days since I started capturing population data with the Censusplus addon for Warhammer Online. The data is not 100% since only Mythic knows their true numbers, but it should give everyone a good idea of the population of the game, and servers.

The numbers I use here are accurate as 5:00 AM this morning. They can change throughout the day as more, and more data uploads happen.

Server 11-40 40 Total
Badlands 8170 3041 14732
Gorfang 5394 1863 9873
Ironrock 4993 2000 8448
Volkmar 4845 1976 10024

Total 27199 10631 48248

By looking at these numbers you can see almost half of every servers population is under level 10 which most are probably free trial accounts. How many of these are being converted? How many make it to 40?

Here is some more interesting data to ponder. It looks like possibly 20% of the free trial players end up buying the game. As you can see though not many make it all the way to 40. Do they need to speed up xp in tiers 2, and 3 or would it kill everything in the game except for tier 4?

Level 10 3089
Level 15 689
Level 25 424
Level 35 386


Raiding Inevitable City Is Fun Now

Luckily I got to experience invading the Inevitable City twice last night. I have to say I was very impressed. I may have to eat some humble pie. It is really fun.

I never knew that the Undercroft was actually part of the Inevitable City. For a second I thought I was in the Undercroft scenario.

It seems players are still learning what they are supposed to be doing. We rolled over Destruction all three stages both times in the PUG city siege, but I figure the fights will get more strategic as time wears on.

I am a pretty happy camper. I won my Sovereign Robe, a Sovereign ring, and ended up with 8 royal crests, and 3 warlord crests. I also gained about 20k+ renown each city siege.

It will definitely be worth doing even if I am locked out on the other rewards.


Raises Hand To Give High Fives

It has been another great week in the blogging community, and I wanted to slap high fives with some of the bloggers with great articles.

My first high five goes to Scarybooster. After returning to WoW he felt abandoned, and alone and wondered Where is my guild, Dude? I showed him how he can track down his old guild buddies.

My second high five goes to Blurring Shock. Every wonder how Crit works? Learn the best stats to have to protect yourself against being critted to death.

I have to give another high five to Shadowwar. He talks about his first experience of the new city on Gorfang, and how much fun it was. I guess they added a trampoline to prevent punting in the IC city siege. It sounds like fun.

I am giving another high five to Blaze. He has finally decided to expand his horizons, and open his new general blog instead of just focusing on Warhammer. He isn't real happy with EA, and Ubisoft trying to stop the selling of used games.

I am slapping another high five to Mr. Meh. He had decided to come back to WAR, and he experienced two full warbands falling to their death in Black Crag. I guess that is what happens when players just follow the zerg. It would be funny if it was a cross realmer that lead everyone to their death.

I also have to give Arisechicken a high five. I know it is hard to do since I love to annoy her whenever I see her in-game. Anyways she was talking about saying goodbye to bomb groups, but at the end of her post she talked about wanting chicken scenarios. OMG that sounds like so much fun. I know on my old server Magnus a long, long time ago in a galaxy far away we had chicken fights in Nordland for a few hours. It was a blast.


Where Is The Population Boost?

All I have been hearing lately is players talking about so and so, and so and so from my guild are coming back with patch 1.3.5. I thought to myself how great it was going to be to see more active players.

I guess the CensusPlus addon slapped me back to reality really quick. Why do I say this? I happened to log on during a city siege on Gorfang. You know, the city siege which is going to make everyone come back to the game. I actually think the overall players online at primetime went down compared to prior patch 1.3.5

It is a bunch of hype. I ran a census on every server, both factions during primetime and was so depressed from the active player compared to prior patch 1.3.5.

This patch wasn't the magic savior to Warhammer like everyone proclaimed it to be. The game has so many other things that drive players to quit that a new rvr driven city hasn't boosted the overall population of any server.

You still have to endure many hours of worthless rvr to get to some new content. I have already read several bloggers included myself that aren't participating in Orvr until it hits the city. What does that tell you?

It tells you Orvr is boring as hell. No one wants to do it. It proves nothing, and does nothing to help you progress your character while doing it. Yes eventually it lets you get to the city, but it doesn't make you want to participate in any of it because who cares about anni, invader, and conq gear these days unless you have a brand new alt that needs geared out.

Do you think any guilds would actually claim a keep if it wasn't required to flip a zone? Of course not. Claiming a keep means nothing.

When I see a server like Volkmar with a low population buff after this patch it sends me a strong signal that this game may not make it.


100% Renown Or I Quit

Okay I will admit I love 100% renown, and I am suffering withdrawal symptoms already. Why not do a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 100% renown bonus for all players since the servers were down on patch day during most of prime time?

I am not asking for a free month, special items, or anything like that. I just want rewarded for playing the game, and a 100% renown bonus would make me forget all about not being able to play on patch day.

Am I really going to quit? No.

Arisechicken You Distract Me

Why do I get so excited every time I see you in a scenario Arisechicken? I lose all control, and focus on you. I forget about all the other Destruction in the scenario.

Do I ever kill you? Of course not, and that is why I am so infatuated with you. I see Arisechicken, and I go instantly into annoy Arisechicken mode.

I stop caring about getting renown, deathblows, kills, and etc. I just want to annoy the you know what out of you.

I just slow boil, pyroclastic surge, silence you while trying to blow you up with rapid fire fireballs with my focused mind tactic.

Is it working? I doubt it. I still seeing you doing god mode healing numbers, but maybe it is you just trying to keep yourself alive while I only focus on you.

I guess if I annoy you enough that one destruction dies from not getting a heal it was worth it.

Anyways I enjoy seeing you in scenarios Arisechicken.

How Active Will The Orvr Lakes Be Today?

With the new RvR driven city going live today I would expect every player to come out of the woodwork. Will it make it harder to flip zones with so much activity? Which server, and faction will be the first to get to the new city?

It should really make tier 4 exciting today, and hopefully there are no city pushes until I at least get home from work.

I am excited to do the new rvr driven city, but unless scenarios stop popping I won't be out in the lakes pushing the zones. It just isn't exciting to me. I would rather farm scenarios until both zones are locked down, and than go invade the Inevitable City.

You never know. I may get caught up in all the hype, and do some Orvr but I highly doubt it. It is boring with a capital B. I have renown to make, and sitting at keeps, and bo's getting one renown per kill isn't going to cut it.

I have been running the Warhammer Census addon for a few days now, and it will be real interesting to see if the population numbers go up. Currently during primetime most servers have 250-350 players on. I think today should boost them closer to 450-500.


Back To Incineration Mastery Tree For My Bright Wizard

Okay spamming Scorched Earth is fun, but it gets old really, really quick. It is a fun mastery tree to run with my Bright Wizard for a week, or two. After a couple weeks it just loses it novelty, and I end up going back to my Incineration mastery tree.

I know who plays a Bright Wizard single target ranged mastery tree like Incineration? I do. Why?

The biggest reason I love playing Incineration tree with my Bright Wizard is I feel like I know who I am killing. I can pick a target, and take them down. It is much more rewarding than seeing twenty deathblows on the scenario scoreboard. My renown seems to actually be better than spreading my damage around, and getting five renown each for five kills. I actually am seeing 100+ renown earned kills with the new spec.

Why do I like playing Incineration more than Conflag? Quite simply it is the range. It is hard to live as a Bright Wizard with PBAOE unless you have a static bomb group to roll with.

Fiery Blast is a nice conflag tree spell but it only has an 80 foot range instead of 100. Can you guess what happens by being 20 feet closer. You become a target by every other ranged dps class on the other side. They can hit you, but you are twenty feet short from being able to hit them back. The AOE is nice, but the radius is so small now it just isn't worth the 25% reduction in damage compared to incineration spells with a better range.

I may change my mind again, but for now I am rolling with the Incineration Mastery Tree, and Immolation up to Withering Heat, and Playing With Fire.


Tonight Was Absolutely Horrible

I am not sure if I never usually log in on Monday nights or what. It was the worst night ever. Why am I saying that?

I don't think one zone flipped the whole five hours I was on. I am talking for both sides. No one was even in the Orvr zone from what I could tell on my War report. Can you guess where everyone was?

Everyone was doing PvE in a pvp based game. I saw tons of people in the Land of the Dead, LV, and etc. I guess Monday nights are PvE nights.

I did manage to get into some scenarios. They were horrible. Absolutely horrible. I think almost every scenario had one healer, and that one healer was a worthless piece of pixels. There is probably a reason this one healer wasn't doing PvE.

Anyways my first night from 69 to 70 was pretty worthless for gaining renown. With no zone flip freenown, and lots of low levels in the scenarios it was a huge waste of time.

Player Has Been Killed Recently and Currently Is Worth No Renown

How many times have you seen this? Do you hate when you see this after an epic 1 vs 1 battle? Do you wonder why after playing for five hours your renown bar isn't moving? What if I told you to get used to it?

The new city changes are going to cause this problem rather quickly. It used to be noticeable in the old cities with 48 players, but now with 24 it will happen much quicker. How long will it take to kill players multiple times?

Should they remove diminishing returns inside the city instances? Are the crest rewards, and loot good enough to not care about getting renown inside the city?

After watching a few videos, and witnessing it first hand on the PTS you will have exhausted all your renown from kills before even stage 1 is over.

Of course stage 2, and 3 are pretty exciting in the new city changes in patch 1.3.5 so maybe it won't really matter. As long as everyone is having fun, and becoming champions who will even care about renown.


I Just Experienced 69 For The First Time

Get your minds out of the gutter.  I am not talking about some sexual position.  I am talking about how after almost 10 days of playing a ton I finally reached renown rank 69. I can't believe it took almost ten days of real life of probably 25+ hours of play time to gain one renown rank.

I can't even imagine how these last eleven levels of renown are going to go. Wait, I can imagine. It is going to take forever.

I am not sure how players were RR80 within six months after release, but my hats go off to them. It has to be the worst grind ever. I really mean it. I would do an Aion grind to 100 faster I think.

Anyways I am sporting one more piece of my Warlord gear that was in my bank so long I had to repair it from rotting. I have one last piece to go for my full set which I can wear at renown rank 70. I know whole sets are garbage, but finally being able to wear the complete set will feel like a major accomplishment to me. It will be also nice to be fully warded with the new city changes coming so I can possibly get appointed to be a champion.

The other day I luckily won a Sovereign piece of jewelry for renown rank 75. I hope by Christmas that I may be able to wear it.


What Is The Population Of The Warhammer Servers?

I first want to thank Rollie over at Warcraftrealms. I have been submitting data to his site since I started playing World of Warcraft, and he kindly made a Census Addon for me for Warhammer Online.

After not being updated for months he updated it again. Now anyone can download the Censusplus addon, and capture population data, and than upload it to the Warcraft Realms website.

No more fights over Xfire, or Raptor stats. This captures every player currently online each time you run it. I will start uploaded data today myself so it gives everyone a better gauge on how the game population really is doing. I will be running it mostly for the Order faction on each server.

The more people running this Censusplus Addon the more accurate the data is going to be. So everyone do it this weekend so by Monday we can have some great numbers to look at.

Slapping More High Fives

This week I found more blogs with some interesting posts, and deserve a High Five.

My first high five goes out to Shadowwar. He mentions a few features, and updates he would like to see done to the Warhammer Realm page.

My second high five is going to the Nomadic Gamer. She wants to know if there is a way to make Permadeath more appealing.

My third high five belongs to Gaarwarr. He took the time to record, and than transcribe the Q and A after the PTS City Siege event the other night.


When Will The BW's Nerfs Stop?

I have been playing my Bright Wizard since launch, and all I have seen is nerf after nerf. It is unbelievable that almost two years later they feel like they must keep nerfing bright wizards down. How could a class be that OP compared to other classes?

I think it is getting stupid. You are punishing bright wizards for using a group to its full potential. What ever happened to the saying if you can't beat them than join them?

Instead we get to deal with a bunch of cry babies on the forums who die all the time to bomb groups. Quit your stupid crying, and make your own, or quit the game. Stop making Mythic keep nerfing us down till we have to use our staffs to damage other players.

Stop blaming bomb groups for ruining city sieges. What ruins city sieges, and makes bomb groups prevalent in the game is the choke points everywhere in the game. If you have a chokepoint than a bomb group is going to take advantage of it.

Maybe Mythic needs to make hallways, alleys, bridges, keep doors five times wider. Of course not. They want to keep it two bodies wide, and than force everyone through one area, and than make some kneejerk reaction to nerf bomb groups when they should be looking at design problems that cause it.

How about removing friendly collision? This way players won't get stuck in a group of people rifted, or trying to make it through a chokepoint and clogging up. There has to be a better solution than nerfing bright wizards.

What are they going to do if all the bright wizards, and sorcs quit the game. There goes their remaining subscribers.

Why Is My Renown So Slow?

I know the 100% renown bonus is over, but it seems my renown has completely stopped. I know it is moving, but my renown production seems to have went away.

I seem to be running into more premades in scenarios this last week. It really puts a big damper on my renown, and fun. Instead of seeing 3-5k renown a scenario I have finished alot of scenarios with less than 500 renown, and Order losing 500-20 in most cases.

I can't say getting 500 renown for 15 minutes is really worth it. I still need insignias, and emblems so I still am going to deal with it.

I guess when the renown bonus was going everyone was doing scenarios so I had a better chance of not running into premades. I think now 9 out of 10 are premades.

I have been putting in alot of hours into Warhammer this week, and my renown bar definitely doesn't reflect it. I finished the renown bonus week at RR68, and I am still only 75% into it with probably at least 25+ hours invested.

This is even getting freenown in zones while I am queuing up for scenarios. I guess every point counts, and eventually I will hit RR80 and it won't matter any longer.


New City Changes Patch 1.3.5 Are Fun

Last night on the PTS I had the pleasure of defending Altdorf. I have to say I like the changes. I can't wait until the next PTS event so I can see the attacking the Inevitable City.

It reminds me of the Battle of Praag scenario. Our biggest battle was at the center BO by the Emperor's Circle. Destruction made it pretty easy for us. They kept trying to come at us straight from the middle which made it easy to clog them up at a checkpoint.

I am sure once the new city goes live they will figure out they have more than one way to get to point A to point B. Oh wait. Once it goes live Destruction never gets to Altdorf.

Order successfully won stage 1, and we moved to Stage 2. We were escorting our Warlords perfectly than suddenly it just said we lost. I think the power of Andy had something to do with it.

On the third stage it is where the players become champions, and you kill the king. It seemed very easy to accomplish even as a pug which is very encouraging.

I think the part I like the most is how easy it is going to be now to get Warlord, and Sovereign crests. I am sure by the time I hit RR80 I will be able to have a complete set of Sovereign which will be very nice.

Now I think they should somehow implement these changes into forts, and the campaign. The player champions part is a huge hit, and they should capitalize on it.


How To Make Orvr Fun

I have been racking my brain lately trying to figure out a way to make Orvr better, and fun. I have thought of so many different ideas I think my brain is about explode. I have taken brainstorming to a whole new level.

What if the Keep Lord, and guards were removed? What if instead you take the new city player Champion idea. Let one player be chosen as the Fort Lord, and have 5 player champion guards. They get big, or possibly have an aura to make them stand out so everyone knows who they are.

They would be able to roam anywhere within the keep, and have the same power as a champion in the new city. Wouldn't it be fun to be the Keep Lord, or one of the guards?

How would you get the other faction to attack the keep, and not keep them standing around? What if keeps were invulnerable until you had control of all four BO's? Once all four BO's have been locked they become invulnerable, and you have one hour to take both keeps, or all BO's become neutral again.


Why Do Sword and Board Tanks Guard Other Tanks

Am I missing something here? I just don't understand the logic behind tanks guarding tanks in scenarios. I would love to hear the logic from a tanks perspective.

I just finished a scenario with four tanks in my group. I ask for a guard for my BW, and instead they just guard each other. Is it really that much fun to just be running around taking damage, but not dishing any out?

It seems like a total waste of the guard buff. Wouldn't it make sense to put it on the dps? You know the ones that can kill five people at a time with scorched earth in 10 seconds flat.

Yesterday I saw almost the same thing. I saw two sword and board tanks join a group by themselves in the scenario while running around with guard. Did they kill anyone? I didn't see anything to impressive on the scoreboard at the end. They earned less renown than anyone else in the scenario, but they never died. Who cares?

Spamming Scorched Earth Is Fun

For the last few months I have been playing my Bright Wizard with different specs.  I have toyed around with full specs of incineration, and immolation.

Both have been great for a change of pace. I still killed lots of players, and rarely died myself. I just don't like the standing around casting stuff making myself an easy target. Both specs are boring.

This last weekend I decided it was time to go back to Conflag spec.

There is something about spamming scorched earth that is just fun. Of course it is easy mode, and I love it for that reason. Seeing players drop like flies is fun.

With scorched earth I love seeing damage numbers flying all over my screen. It just makes me happy. With close quarters, lingering fires, and wild fire tactics it is like a damage extravaganza.

I also love seeing my name up towards the top of the leaderboard. Yes it makes me feel real good. The best part is seeing all my deathblows. When they start hitting double digits it just makes playing that much more fun.

The downfall of scorched earth is without a guard, or a good healer my fun is limited. I die alot more running my scorched earth spec, but it is all worth it to me.


Slapping High Fives

It is time for my new Slapping High Fives feature on Wasdstomp. I really read some great posts by some other bloggers this week.

I am slapping my first high five to Arisechicken on I Heart Gorfang. You are going to love all these great pictures of characters created to look like famous people. Arisechicken is so good I have a second one to share too. You are going to love reading about players wearing tin foil hats.

My second slapping of high fives goes to Bootae on Bootae's Bloody Blog. He goes into a very detailed post showing why Warhammer needs to steal from Daoc. He even adds a second part to his ideas that Warhammer should implement from Daoc. I really love his idea of making Tier 4 more about owning more keeps in all the pairings to get to the city instead of locking zones. As it stands right now if they are attacking the North Keep, you know the South Keep is next, and you can pile in defenses, and just wait. With Bootae's idea they could move to Elf, or Dwarf to take a keep. I love the idea.

My third slapping of high fives goes to Gaarawarr over at Gaarwarr Gabs. He is the mayo of a turkey sandwich. He has the best guides for Warhammer no question about it. He just recently posted a visual, and written explanation of all the rewards you can choose with your golden writs.

My fourth slapping of high fives goes to Perle on Fight on the Flag. It seems like we think alike. I always read her posts, and think that is exactly how I feel about it. She talks about how Carrots lead players to deplorable behavior. I see it happen all the time, and seem to experience it every day when I play.

My fifth slapping of high fives goes to Rivs at A High Latency Life. For some crazy reason he tried to convince players that Mages are better than Warlocks. I am not sure what he is smoking, but he needs to share.

I Want To Slit My Writs

Why do I want to slit my writs? A couple days ago they finally released the golden writ rewards to the players that were affected by the billing fiasco.

Initially I thought it would be okay because not everyone was affected. At least that is what I thought. It feels like every player is now walking around with the rewards.

I find it a little upsetting. I had cool rewards that other players always asked me about this past year.

How did you get that griffon mount? How did you turn into a skeleton? How did you turn into a skaven? Where did you get that dog?

Every single reward that I earned is no longer unique. Basically now I am just another player with the same rewards.

It was like Mythic slapped me across the face with both hands. My recruiting people to the game means nothing now, or all the PTS testing I have been a part of in the past where I earned these rewards.

There was a reason why you saw very few players with them. They were made to be special.

Anyways I am off to go slit my writs.


Do Chinese Gold Farmers Make A Profit These Days?

Is selling gold for MMORPG's dying? Is it still profitable to sell gold? How about powerleveling?

Has the competition made this an unprofitable business now? I remember the days when it was like $5 for 1 gold, or $1 per gold. It seems now that they basically are giving gold away.

Just today I saw an advertisement for 10,000 gold on Warcraft for $5. You can say you would never buy gold, but why would you waste hours farming the auction house, doing dailies, farming mobs, or whatever? Five bucks is nothing.

I don't play Warcraft any longer, but if I did why wouldn't I just pay $5 for 10,000 gold?

It is so cheap now, and the competition so fierce I don't even see how these Chinese companies are making any money these days. Even if they pay someone a quarter a day I don't see how they are making any money to make it worth it.

Do you think most gold, and powerleveling companies may go out of business soon? I just don't see how many can stay in business with such low profit margins. What do you think?

Warhammer Online Goes Black and White to Increase Performance

Did Warhammer Online really go to Black and White to increase performance? Not really, but in a way they did. Why do I say that?

It is easy. With almost everyone walking around with either black or white dyed armor it feels like the game lost its color and vibrance. It now feels like I am watching a black and white TV from the 70's.

The one thing it makes me realize is how many players were affected by the billing fiasco. I know lots of players tried to play it off like it was being blown out of proportion, but when you look at the players in the game you notice how big of an impact it really had.

Just look at all the players running around now with black or white dyed armor. Look at the players running around with griffon mounts. I would say it is at least 7 or 8 out of 10 players. I think it was alot bigger than players really thought, and Mythic just made it that much easier for everyone to identify who got screwed by the billing fiasco.

What Happened To Gorfang Today?

I log in to start collecting renown, and almost immediately tear up. What is up tonight Order?

I log into a sea of red. Every keep in every tier was red. I have never seen it like this. Did all of order stop logging in after the renown bonus removal?

All I can hope for now is patch 1.3.6 so I can join destro for the night.

I thought maybe my State of the Realm was bugged. There is no way that Order only has 10-20% control in each pairing. I log out, and back in. No luck.

We are still getting slaughtered. Oh well I like scenarios better anyways, but I miss the freenown guarding the mailbox.

5-1 Scenario Imbalance and Losing

Intially it was me a Bright Wizard, and a Black Guard. I get to the flag first, and decide to kite him around the walls in Temple of Isha.

I fire cage him, and wonder why the F he is still on me. I soon realize 4 other Order players are chasing him around the wall.

The scenario imbalance warning comes up, and eventually I die because they keep damaging him when I put him in a firecage. The sad part is 4 players couldn't kill one destruction blackguard. Pathetic!

You would think someone would get back on the flag to get points. Of course not. We lose in a scenario imbalance of 5-1 by 2-0.

To the order players in that scenario. Quit f'ing breaking my fire cage with damage. You guys were epic fail. Why wouldn't someone get on the flag while I was kiting the idiot around the walls?

Slapped Back To Reality in Warhammer Online Yesterday

Last night I was slapped back to reality in Warhammer Online. Mythic took away my renown bonus, and now I just want to cry myself asleep at night.

I have to admit when I was playing this last two weeks it didn't seem like that big of a deal with the renown bonus. I thought okay who cares that in two weeks my renown bonus would be gone.

I was dead wrong. My renown bar felt like it was in neutral, or possibly reverse last night. It was back to seeing 4 renown, 25 renown, and 17 renown on kills. My renown bar was moving slower than a slug in a salt bed.

I think I may have to call my doctor, and get put on some anti-depressants. It is really that depressing. I lost that urge I had the last two weeks that made me log in every possible moment. Isn't that what Mythic wants from its players?

Didn't Mythic see the jump in activity? How could they just take it away? You know how they could of scored points? They should of gone above and beyond customer service. At least that is what I am preached to do to resolve customer complaints at my real life job. If a customer wants $50 you give them $100.

What if yesterday you read on the Warhammer Herald that their customers are so appreciated that they were extending the renown bonus another week. Yes, a move like that would of scored Mythic more points than the two week bonus. It would of really made them look like they were truly sorry for what happened, and heroes to tons of subscribers, and past subscribers.

But of course not. Instead you get the your two weeks are up suckers, and enjoy regular xp, and renown. It was pretty depressing to not even see a hint that maybe a 100% renown bonus once a month, or every weekend would happen after the great success these last two weeks.

At least maybe do the 100% renown bonus for a 3 day weekend, or five days right before most players subscriptions are to end. Wouldn't that be a great way to get people to resubcribe every month, and build your subscription base instead of seeing it dwindle?


I Made 175 Gold On Accident In Warhammer Online

So right now you are probably wondering how someone could make 175 gold in Warhammer Online on accident. You want to know how I did it? Was it worth it?

I wanted to buy a Warlord belt since it was the only warlord piece I was missing, and accidentally bought another Warlord ring. I saw the unique equipped on it, and tried to equip a second one just in case. It didn't work. I was thinking I just wasted some crests and medallions. I couldn't sell it back to the vendor. I ran to the auction house to see if I could sell it. Can you believe you can sell them?

My auctioneer type addon showed they sold for 350 gold, but only 4 have ever been seen. I didn't believe it so I put it on the auction house for 175 gold thinking it was never going to sell since everything else warlord sells for like 5 gold.

It sold faster than Paris Hilton's panties dropping. I went to the bathroom, and came back to see it sold. I wonder if they really do sell for 350 gold. It seems like really easy money.

At least now I think I can unload all my warlord, and invader crests by buying rings, and selling them for outrageous prices on the auction house. It isn't like I have anything to spend the gold on, but maybe I can unlock some kind of title for being filthy rich.

Any ladies looking for a sugar daddy?

Double Renown For Player Kills

With the last two weeks of 100% xp/renown bonus I have fallen in love with it. It is like a drug dealer giving you free crack the first few times.

How am I going to adjust to going back to normal xp/renown? Is it going to make it seem slower than it was before the bonus?

I propose a compromise. How about Mythic just doubles player kill renown permanently? Just leave all the keep, bo, zone flip renown bonuses the same.

Would it encourage more PvP also? It would be that little carrot out there that would tempt players. Do I stand at a BO for 20 minutes, or do I go kill a few players instead?

I just think the renown needs a little boost, and by doubling renown for player kills it isn't going to be overkill.

Of course if Mythic decides to leave it all in I would be a happy camper, but I think a complete pull out of the 100% bonus will have ill effects.


Crests and Medallions Should Change To The Insignia and Emblem System

After finally taking the time to figure out the Insignia and Emblem system I love it compared to the Crest and Medallion system. It just makes sense how it all works.

Why is it a better system? I just feel like it is a better carrot. I feel with the current crest system it renders most content a waste of time to get to the content that actually helps you.

You know what happens when something has no value to you right? You stop doing it.

Why bother with keep takes, zone flips, stage one city sieges if all you are rewarded with are conqueror, and invader crests?

What if eventually you upgrade from conqueror, invader, warlord, and finally Royal crests dropping from keeps, and zone flips? Wouldn't this help keep Orvr alive?

At least that is the biggest problem with me. I see no reward for anything in Orvr right now. I have so many conqueror crests that for the most part are worthless.

Now just imagine how many keeps I would be attacking and defending if I was earning Warlord, or Sovereign crests each time.

It also makes it easier to add more tier sets later on. Currently with the way the whole system works you would have a hard time adding another crest after sovereign.

Would you like the crest system to work like the insignia system?


Collecting Invader Insignias

I reached a milestone tonight. I am now collecting invader insignias, and no longer conqueror.

The Long Road To Royal Insignias

I finally took the time to figure out how the insignias, and emblems work. Can someone just shoot me now, and put me out of my misery?

I have been collecting my conqueror insignias thinking this whole time that it was going to be a piece of cake to get my rvr weapon.

I slapped myself to reality. It is like Alcoholics Anonymous. I am entering the twelve step program for insignias.

Actually it isn't too bad since I am still not even RR70 yet. I am sure by the time I am RR80 I will be swimming in Royal insignias, and having nothing to spend them on.

It amazes me that players are already using them. It must of been alot of work getting there especially if you were already RR80.

At least the grind won't seem so bad to me since I will be collecting as I still grind up renown rank. It is a little unfair to all those who grinded all the way to RR80 before they implemented them.

I guess it pays to not rush to end game after all.


My Coding Fix For Scenario Imbalance

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I am still getting scenario imbalances very frequently. I did a little hacking of the scenario code in Warhammer Online, and have submitted to Mythic a fix I coded.

10 If Order queue is >= 12 and Destro queue is >=12 than goto 40
20 If Order queue is <12 than goto 10
30 If Destro queue is <12 than goto 10
40 Pop Scenario, and goto 10

Why Orvr Is Dead In Warhammer

You ever wonder why no one does Orvr? Does it make you mad when you see so many players guarding the mailbox? Do you wish they would come out, and help attack, or defend?

The solution is really easy. I am not kidding. On Dark Crag no one ever, and I mean no one ever felt like an outsider. Yes our guild had our one private warband, but the officers of our guild were required to run open warbands. If you needed a warband you knew you could get into one. That is why we easily fielded 3-4 warbands a night that worked together.

We weren't elitist. We didn't run a gear score, or tell you that you suck, or laugh at you. Everyone was treated the same. We are fighting for the same cause right? We didn't have one guild/alliance warband negating what the other guild/alliance warband did. We worked together like a well oiled machine.

It is why on Dark Crag we reached the city every night before they made it easy. I remember on my old server Magnus we never got to the city once before the server closed a year later. There were egos everywhere. This guild leader hated this guild leader, and so on.

You know what happens when you start leaving people out? They turn against you. They stand in warcamps, or they log on their destro alts and ruin your day. They log into the Undercroft, and run suicide missions into Destro to keep you from reaching stage 2. They let destro spawn camp them in a city instance to give them VP.

Another thing is we offered our vent to anyone. It was a 200 man vent. Anyone was allowed to log in. It wasn't a bunch of 12 year olds yapping either. Most people were amazed at how organized, and smooth our zerg guild ran. Of course the vent had destro spies in it, but that is what made it fun when we rolled over them again, and again.

So if you want players to do Orvr start opening up your warbands. Quit trying to be elitist in a team/faction based game. If you want your private warband than at least have a few officers start an open warband. You would be amazed at how great it works, and eventually how people want to join your guild. You don't have to try to spam recruit guys you see with no guild tag. Players come in droves every day.


Stupid Archmages Thinking They Are DPS

I love what this Archmage said as our scenario was winding down.

"Look I beat FIVE Bright Wizards in damage."

Guess what you idiot? If you would of been healing the BW's instead of running around dps'ing, and only healing yourself we may have won the scenario.

The sad part is he had about 110k in damage while most of the Bright Wizards were around 50k. He had 11 deathblows too.

The funny thing is all the Bright Wizards made more renown than he did.