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#PAX 2010 Checklist

I thought I would share with everyone my #PAX 2010 checklist.  These are all the things I feel are important that I take to #PAX.

#PAX 2010 Checklist

-Smartphone with spare battery, and charger
-Hotel reservations, directions
-GPS to find all the parties
-5 Hour Energy
-Tylenol for hangover relief
-Digital Camera, and charger
-Disposable Cameras in case camera goes dead
-PAX badge, and tickets
-Credit Cards
-Wasdstomp T-shirts to wear
-Altoids just in case
-Purell to stay germ free
-Empty Backpack for swag
-Alarm Clock in case wake up call doesn't wake you
-White Shoe Polish for writing PAX or Bust on back window of car
-Sandals or other comfy shoes
-Protein bars for quick energy
-Bottled water to quench thirst
-Notepads and pens
-PAX event booth map
-Cash just in case

Can you think of anything else to add to the #PAX 2010 Checklist?

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RvR Pack 101: Keeps

It sounds like Keeps will be changing for the better. I have always thought that keeps should be more than just beating the doors down. It just seems like so much time was spent on these vast keep areas, and everyone just focuses on the doors.

My idea which is probably my favorite is to change keeps to a city siege type mechanic. Most of the inner keep areas are already like mini towns. Why not add objectives that you have to take inside for stage 1 of a keep take just like the first stage in the city?

Stage 2 entails protecting Warlords in the lower floor of the keep, and killing the other factions Warlords.

The Stage 3 would be a Keep Lord vs Keep Lord battle on the upper floor of the keep. Make player Champions just like the city siege so people get excited about being part of every keep take.

I would even be okay with making keep takes an instance inside of the Orvr lakes to make it so it works like the city siege.

Do you like the idea, or do you have another idea that you would like to see?

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My Blogger BFF

Week after week one particular Warhammer Blogger brings me tons of traffic.  I am not talking a few referrals.  I am talking quite an impressive amount.

It is time for me to show my appreciation for his blog.  So who is sending me all this traffic?  The blogger who sends me the most traffic consistently is Bootae.  Yes, if you don't know who he is than I suggest you check out his bloody blog.

Bootae is one of my favorite Warhammer Online bloggers.  I always enjoy his posts, videos, and his interactivity on Twitter.

Speaking of great videos you need to check out his new Kill Frenzy Fried Chicken video.  If it doesn't make you smile than nothing will.

Once again Bootae thanks for all the traffic.

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That Is So Skaven

Skaven this, Skaven that.  Skaven is definitely the hot topic these days for Warhammer Online.  Where will the tunnels lead us?  Are Skaven the missing piece for RvR?

I feel like a crime scene investigator these days.  I keep trying to put bits, and pieces together like a murder scene.  Does it feel that way to you?  I think instead of the killer (Mythic) coming forward, and giving exact details on how it happened investigators (Bloggers)  have to take whatever they can pick up to piece the whole story together.

I am still trying to figure out how both factions are going to be able to play.  Is there going to be confusion on the battlefield when it is rat on rat.  Of course enemies will be red, but it is still pretty unclear on how it is all going to work.

I read yesterday that the Skaven will sort of be like a third faction, but played by players of your own faction.  Will this cause faction griefing?  I know players thought that would be the case when I suggest AoE friendly fire so what if I decide to convert to Skaven, and kill my own faction?  Is that how it is going to work?

It is still up in the air exactly how, but we do know it is not a normal playable class.  We know it isn't going to be an npc third faction like Balaur in Aion.  It doesn't leave many more options.  I don't see the point of just playing a Skaven on both factions just because. 

Is this where the Power RvR pack comes into play.  It enables you to play a Skaven in RvR?  Will it change your spells, and stats?

Skaven sounds like it is always going to be part of the new RvR dungeon.  I am trying to think how that is going to work.  When I hear RvR dungeon the first thing that comes to mind is Darkness Falls in Dark Age of Camelot.  If they implement it like that instead of the lame way of LoTD it is going to be exciting.  Darkness Falls in Daoc was a blast.

As more and more details slowly come out we will be able to piece it together like a jigsaw puzzle.  I am going to PAX, and I am not sure if Warhammer Online is making any kind of appearance there or not.

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Free Annihilator Set For Alts

Alts in Warhammer Online should be able to acquire a full set of gear once reaching 40.  I know World of Warcraft has something simple like Bind on Acquire.  I don't know all the details, but coworkers who still play are always talking about it for their alts.

I just don't think alts should have to do the whole grind from scratch.  Throw them a bone.  If you already have a rank 40 than any alts you get to 40 automatically get a full set of annihilator, and accessories.  If not a set of Annihilator at least something that is better than precursor greens.

I am actually hoping that the new rvr packs have something to do with this.  Possibly progression gives your alt a free set of annihilator armor, or something.

Would you like to see something to make alts have a chance of catching up progression wise with your other toons?  Is this what the RvR progression pack will do?  It makes sense since not everyone rolls alts, but those that do could take advantage of it, and purchase it.

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Mission Accomplished

At the beginning of the weekend I set a goal to reach level 40 with my Archmage.  With the double xp, and renown it seemed like a pretty easy feat.

It still seemed long, and tedious even with the double xp.  I did it in alot of short sessions to make myself not think about it so much.  It was still tough.  The last little bit always seems to take forever.

Anyways I am 40 now, and I may gather some renown here, and there.  I just am not going to go full blown burn out mode since the renown leveling curve is changing in the near future.

It is hard to believe I now have four rank 40 toons in Warhammer, and plenty of other alts not far from it.  They are starting to look like a trophy case.

I still feel no urge to go back to my BW.  Even with the new announcements it just seems I have lost interest in that class.  My archmage is definitely my new main.

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Fix The RvR Sets Pretty Please

Anyone who plays Warhammer Online probably understands my frustration with the RvR sets.  There are certain things that need to be fixed before the Triple P RvR Packs are released.  What needs to be fixed?

The first thing is the base stats of most of the pieces of Annihilator, Conqueror, Invader, Warlord, and Sovereign.  I want stats on pieces that mean something.  Why is it that the PvE sets are better for RvR than the actual RvR sets?  It is just wrong in an RvR based game.  I shouldn't have to PvE to get +crit gear in an RvR based game.

Why not just add +crit talismans, or something?  It seems like a pretty easy fix if you don't think the stats on the gear are whacked out like most players think.

My next thing I hate about the sets is the level requirements.  I understand you don't just want to give players a full set of armor at certain renown levels, but the way it is set up now is worthless.  In early renown levels it isn't quite as noticeable, but after renown level 60 is gets a little more brutal.  It defeats the whole point of set bonuses if you can't wear the first few pieces of Warlord if it makes you lose most of your set bonuses.  I know personally when I get a new piece of armor I want to wear it, and not watch it collect dust in my bank while I earn another 5 million in renown to complete the set.

Maybe just make all set piece bonuses persist through each set.  I am not sure if that would work, but I think it would help.  It just doesn't make sense to keep gaining renown ranks, but you still have to wear inferior rvr gear because wearing two pieces of warlord just doesn't work out.  It wouldn't be so bad, but getting five levels of renown in the higher levels could be a month or two.  I remember my Warlord gear sitting in my bank forever before it was actually useful to wear.

I still say just give us the full sets in ten level increments.  At 40 you earn annihilator, 50 invader, 60 warlord, 70 Sovereign, and 80, 90, and 100 can be the new sets.  Stretching them out like 40, 43, 45, 47 sounds good on paper to keep those carrots dangling, but in actuality it sucks.

What would you like to see change with the current RvR sets?

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Renown Training Update

How worthless are most of the renown skills currently?  I find most of them laughable.  I bet some have never even been used in the game since launch by players.  I am glad they are looking into changing them.

It was another bright moment for me when they mentioned at Games Day Baltimore that they were changing them to be more like realm abilities in Daoc.  Are you pulling my leg?  Someone slap me back to reality right now.  It is a dream come true if they pull this off.

I am not sure exactly how they will pull it off.  If you are unfamiliar on how realm abilities work they would give you extra spells, passive skills, and etc from what I remember.  Realm abilities were like talent trees before classes had talent trees.

The part I remember that I like is you were always improving every point unlike now where you basically go fifteen levels before you get your crit training, and your points are basically just sitting there doing nothing.

I hope somehow they implement shorter steps, and things players actually want based on their class.  I would rather see ten steps of progression for crit so every level you gain something.  Let's just say Crit 1 gets you 1% crit, Crit 2 gets you 1.5%, and so on.

I would definitely like to see a little bit more variety than the current cookie cutter crit specs.  I am sure there are many ideas out there that players would like to see.

What kind of renown abilities would you like to see added?

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Orvr Will Be Fun Finally

Sometimes baby steps are the answer. The most exciting thing at GamesCom 2010 for me was Mythic making the announcement that victory points, and timers are going away. I have been ranting about that on Wasdstomp forever it seems. It is nice to see that maybe they do read my blog, and take my ideas into consideration.

Most players are disappointed right now, but when I saw that they were removing the vp system, and timers I see it as the big announcement. At least for me just hearing that news was the big announcement.

Did I want to hear more juicy details? Of course I did. Who wouldn't? I really think the game is turning around. Did they intentionally keep things vague on purpose? I think they did. Guess what it enables them to do? It gives them the opportunity to read blogs, forums, and social media to see ideas that players think it is going to be like.

It lets them see what changes players want to see, and they can adapt, and change as they go. If they would have just made a full blown announcement than possibly they are spending more time back pedaling than creating content.

I personally think with the removal of victory points, and timers it is going to make Orvr wide open. Mix that in with Against All Odds, and it is just going to be the best pvp game out there.

It sounds like flipping renown will be gone, and they are introducing renown spikes which is way better. If renown spikes are like defense ticks currently I applaud it. This way you have to be out in the field killing to earn the ticks. No more watching timers on State of the Realm, and zone hopping to get zone flip renown.
I really hope they spread the campaign out to all the zones. I know I have read several great ideas before that would make Orvr fun. I can remember vaguely in DAOC it was always random on the keeps being taken, and what zones. I want Warhammer Online to be the same way.

Currently it is way to easy to know where your enemy is going next, and now it sounds like it won't be that way. I hope they rethink the War Report too. Make players figure things out. It is too easy now to run solo. You don't need a group of friends, or a guild to know where the fight is.

I solo alot myself because it is easy to do. I just use State of the Realm, and the War Report to know exactly where the fight is. I think the new changes will change all that.

I read somewhere that they wanted to make it similar to the way they changed the city. How would that work for Orvr?  I hope they have figured it out to where it will be fun.

I hope with all these changes that the whole loot system changes in Orvr.  Like I have stated before I would like the system to work more like the insignia, and emblem system than how it works currently.  The insignia and emblem system would keep everyone on the battlefield because no matter what they are bettering themselves. I suggest getting rid of crests, and medallions.   It also solves the players constantly crying about others opting out so they can get there annihilator gear.  It will be simple.  Everyone earns whatever current insignia or emblem ranking they are.  It would be a win-win for everyone.
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Getting Scammed Out of Real Life Money Playing MMORPG's.

Have you ever been scammed out of real life money playing a mmorpg? I just recently found out that it happened to me, and a few hundred other players in an old guild in Warhammer Online. How can it happen you are probably asking yourself? How much did I lose? How much money did the scammer steal from everyone in the guild?

It all started when I decided to join the largest zerg guild in Warhammer Online. At the time it was exactly what I was looking for. I was directly recruited from the guild leader himself. The guild was three full guild rosters strong, and growing. Over 1500 players proudly wore the guild tag.

Our guild leader was simply amazing. Every time he logged on, and got on vent magic happened in the game. No matter how much anyone else tried it was never as organized as when he was on. He had this leadership that drew people in. Everyone followed his commands, at least 95% of the order on Dark Crag.

Every guild member looked up to the guild leader. He was like a cult leader, and we didn't even know we were being brainwashed. Yes, he brainwashed us no differently than a televangelist on TV. All I can say he was very good at it.

Okay so you are still wondering how he brainwashed us to make him filthy rich. It was simple actually, and hundreds of us fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I know what everyone is thinking. How could he get any money from you in the game?

It is time to let the secret out. Once a month for about a week straight he would preach in guild chat, alliance chat (our three guilds), guild forums, and ventrilo that he needed paypal donations to pay for the 100 man vent, several domains, guild websites, and etc.

No one really thought about everyone else already donating to help. I am sure the costs were probably less than $50 a month, but he was pocketing thousands of dollars every month. Yes. I said thousands.

Once the guild started falling apart after going to Aion, and than back to World of Warcraft did people start realizing it. We soon figured out that the guild leader was making everyone feel guilty, and making us feel like no one was donating. He made us feel like money was coming out of his own pocket to keep everything afloat.

It was all a huge scam. He was stealing from the guild members that praised him. After it all came out it was pretty sad how much money he pocketed. I know personally I was donating $25 a month, and sadly most players were donating the same amount. In our estimates he made off with about $10,000+ every month for over a year after players came forward on their monthly recurring donations. 

Has your guild ever asked for real life money donations?

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I Give Mythic The Middle Finger

Why?  Because I think they are stalking me.  I know they must be reading my blog secretly in the dark.  Why else would they give double xp/renown all this weekend? 

They had to read my blog where I wanted to just take a break before I went to PAX.  They just had to get me to play this weekend.

Anyways I hope somehow I can finally get to 40 with my Archmage.  I work the whole weekend, but if I play alot once I get home it may be possible.  I have full rested, a scroll to go from 39 to 40, and will earn double xp, and renown all weekend.  It should be easy since I am 34.5 currently.

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Will We Know Anything More After This Weekend?

That is currently the million dollar question for Warhammer Online.  It is driving me crazy the last few months getting a hint here or there, but never concrete answers.  Mythic keeps talking about GDB so now lets see what happens. 
I know personally I am going to be pretty pissed off if they don't start elaborating on things.  How can it be good for the game to leave everything to speculation?  Why not just come out, and explain everything?
I better know exactly what each RvR pack does, what the new zone entails, how Skaven are being implemented in the game, and exactly how the new renown ranks are going to work by the end of the GDB event.
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Global Agenda Is Fun, Fun, Fun

I just bought it, and downloaded it tonight.  I was able to jump right in, and have a blast.  It is the most fun I have had playing a game in a very long time.  How was Global Agenda never on my radar?

I played for about a half hour, and I was so excited I had to stop, and write this post about it.  The game is really that much fun.  Even though I don't really know too much about the game yet, it blows the socks off Warhammer Online fun factor.

Anyways if you are looking for a new gaming fix I highly suggest playing Global Agenda as there is no monthly subscription to play.  If you buy it today they are also giving a 25% off discount.  It is a win-win.

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What Does Renown Rank 100 Mean?

Today Mythic announced an rvr pack, and that renown ranks are going up to 100.  Can someone stick a gun to my head, and pull the trigger?  Is it going to keep players in the game longer?

I hate the thought of another twenty levels to grind out of renown.  I also heard they are leveling out the renown curve which will be really nice.  Does this mean 100 levels will be equal to what 80 is now?  I think it may be smart to hold off on the renown grind if it may get easier.

The announcement makes you wonder about alot of stuff.  Are they adding more rvr sets of armor?  How are they going to incorporate more when supposedly killing the king is end game?  What is the point of multiple sets of sovereign if it won't be the best after this expansion?  Will they just possibly up the requirements to wear the rvr sets?  I think that wouldn't make sense either to do that.

Will the new RvR pack introduce a new Tier 5 zone where they can introduce the Skaven into the mix for a third faction without having to blow up the whole game?  Will Skaven be an unlock at Renown Rank 80 or 100 to keep players playing?  Would a Tier 5 revamp of the RvR zone be the answer to the boredom of Orvr currently?

Will raising the renown rank to 100 kill Tier 4 like the other lower tiers?  Will all that content almost become obsolete?

I hope the new RvR pack is the answer to Warhammer Online, and makes Orvr fun.  Otherwise grinding renown to 100 will drive most players to quit if they have to end up grinding keeps, and bo's for another year.

I know right now the news is kind of vague, but actually caught me by surprise on how much they really are working on making this game better.  Now it is just the waiting game to see how it all pans out.

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I Am So Bored

I took another trip down to the store to look at computer games.  I stood there looking at games forever it seemed.  After looking at hundreds of titles nothing interested me. 

All I see on the shelf are games that are, or going free to play soon.  I see lots of games that are on there last leg.  Why are computer games lacking in new titles? 

I saw all these games like Champions Online, Star Trek Online, Warhammer Online, World of Warcraft, APB, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and many other MMORPG's.  I have to say none of them interest me any longer.

I think maybe I need a new genre to play.  I look at possibly some games I might like.  I know years ago I enjoyed some of the sims games like Sim City, Sim Towers, Rollercoaster Tycoon, and so on.  I feel the same way about these games.  It doesn't really seem like anything new, and exciting has come out for these types of games since I stopped playing them years ago.

I hate all the Age of Empires, Civilization, Command and Conquer games.  I just am not into history.

I keep trying new FPS type games, but one or two days later I end up being bored, and not playing them again.   I have played Team Fortress, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and more.

I just don't know really what I am looking for.  I think I want some kind of sport game, but I never really see them marketed towards pc gamers.  Should I just buy an xbox, or playstation?

It just seems that the selection for console games is so much better.  I started looking at all the selections to choose from, and they make more than three genres of games.  You can skateboard, box, wrestle, mma, motocross, tennis, and so much more.  I just don't want to fork out money for a console, and a month later find myself wanting to play on my PC again when GW2, or SWTOR comes out.


Blood Bowl

After spending this last week barely in Warhammer Online I decided it was time to try something new.  I ventured to the store looking for that one game to jump out at me.  I saw so many games, but none were really catching my eye.

Finally I saw Blood Bowl, and figured I have heard of it before.  What a surprise.  It is based on Warhammer.  I never knew that.  Anyways I am a huge sports fan, and after looking at the cover I decided to buy it.

I finished installing it, and rushed to try it out.  I soon realized it is not something you can just rush into.  I had no idea about anything, and failed miserably at trying to figure out.  The game seems simple enough, but I will actually read the manual tomorrow, and try it again.

Blood Bowl looks like it is going to be a really fun game, and a change of pace from my typical MMORPG.  How can you not like playing currently unplayable classes in Warhammer Online like Skaven, Lizardmen, and more.

I now see why players keep wanting those classes put into the game.  They are so cool looking compared to the normal boring players currently in the game.

Hopefully for the next few weeks I will be playing Blood Bowl, and getting good enough to try matches online with other players.

Anyone else play Blood Bowl, and willing to teach a rookie on the game mechanics?  Should I play real time or turn based?  Can someone help me figure out the player selection part?  If you can help me out please leave a comment below.


Freenown After 1.3.6

Who is Mythic kidding?  Do you really think having to be in the rvr lakes is going to increase activity?  I am amazed how they think by eliminating guarding the mailbox is going to solve Orvr.

Did Mythic forget they make it real easy with timers?  Players only need State of the Realm, the War Report, and follow region chat to know where to be, and exactly how long for the timers.  It isn't rocket science.

All I have to do is venture out a little when I see the timers hit a minute or so left.  I will make just as much freenown post 1.3.6 as I do now.  Even if I die I will earn it.  The timer on rezzing is my best friend.

The only way you are going to get people out in the Orvr zones is to remove the timers.  Add a little Arathi Basin coding to the zone.  If you own 2 keeps, and 3 bo's the timer moves 200% faster, or something like that.  Make it so no one really knows when the zone is going to flip. 

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Guild Wars 2 Hype Machine

The hype for Guild Wars 2 this week is sky high.  I think it would be nearly impossible to not have heard about the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto video.  I believe almost every blogger posted about it.  Some like it, some don't, and some don't want to be let down.

All the different posts about Guild Wars 2 definitely let me see how people feel about the game.  In case you were in a cave this week I will share with you some of the posts throughout blogland.

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Brace Yourselves Warhammer Online Is Going F2P

I am a self taught Psychic, and when I look into their palms it shows Warhammer Online going to a F2P model.  Why do I think this?

Every day I seem to see little subtle hints towards it.  I don't know, but maybe I am reading more into it than it is.  I will know if I am right very soon with the big announcement.

What have I seen that makes me really think it is what the big announcement will be?  Today I saw Andy from Mythic on Twitter totally making a stand for mmorpg's going to F2P models.  He tweeted about how there are many different models of f2p, and not all of them are bad like cash shops.  Why would he be sticking up for this unless he knows it is the path of Warhammer Online very soon.

Another thing that happened that makes it even seem more likely is EA partnering with Live Games whose known for f2p subscription models.  Why else would they partner with them?

What if the f2p model makes you pay to play Skaven, or Lizardmen?  How about access to the RR80 new content zone?  How about to play the third faction?

How will it effect current players?  Will it bring players back if it's free?  Will it actually make the thousands of free trial players actually continue to play?  How many current players will ragequit?

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Why Orvr Sucks

I know how many times can I write about how Orvr sucks in Warhammer Online?  As many times as it takes before they actually fix it.  Every time I decide to venture out, and try it I remember why I hate it so much.

Today I went out with my archmage.  I zerged with the rest of Order.  It was a great turnout.  We had about three warbands roaming the rvr lakes.  It couldn't be better right?

It seemed like a city push was inevitable (no pun intended).  We pushed every zone to the last zone to get to the city.  I was ready to collect some great renown from some flips. 

Magically we got access back to Lotd.  Almost instantly the warbands started falling apart.  The next thing you know everyone is just gone. 

This is why city pushes need to slow down.  It means nothing to players now.  They can stop when they are minutes away from going to the city.  They either log off, go to the Lotd, get on alts, or whatever.  What happened to the days when you would be up all night trying to get to the city?

Anyways I am pretty pissed off that I ran around all these zones thinking I was going to benefit from all the zone flip bonus renown, and a couple rounds inside the city, and instead watch Destruction take every zone back at 9pm without a fight.

It is just sad to see that no one cares anymore.  No realm pride, no city pride, or anything.  I just don't see how Warhammer Online is going to keep players even with an expansion, added classes, a third realm, or whatever. 

Why do you think Orvr sucks in Warhammer Online?

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SWTOR On Rails

SWTOR keeps falling lower, and lower on my to play list.  A recent article in a German magazine explaining space combat in SWTOR is leaving me quite disappointed.

The space combat will be on rails, or by the explanation it will be a Tunnel shooter.  What does this mean?  It means space combat is going to feel like you are on a rollercoaster.  You will be on it basically for the ride shooting stuff as it comes toward you.   It will be no different than playing a single player game.

You won't be taking your space ship, and exploring space, and flying anywhere you please.  I don't see how this is exciting at all.  Insert your gold coin, and enjoy your five minute carnival ride.

The real deal killer for me with space combat is no pvp.  Of course they add a little blurp at the end that says they may add pvp at a later date, but how is that going to be possible with space combat being on rails? 

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Guild Wars 2 Is Unbelievable

Guild Wars 2 released a new video today.  All I can say is it is unbelievable.  I really see it giving World of Warcraft a run for its money.  The game just seems amazing, and just when I think it couldn't get any better it does.

The hype for Guild Wars 2 is reeling me in quick.  I feel like I have lost all interest in SWTOR.  I just love the way they are changing the way MMORPG's are going to be.  It is going to be so exciting.

I just hope I get a beta invite.  I am hungry for that MMORPG like the old days where I would literally stay up for days, go to work on two hours sleep, and basically never leave my computer the first few months after launch.  I really think this game is going to do it.

I know Arenanet is going to be at PAX West, and I can't wait to be able to play the game at there booth.  I may spend my whole day glued to their booth.  I plan on trying to persuade them to give me a beta invite.  If after September 3rd you don't hear from me you will know I am so involved in playing the guild wars 2 beta that I don't even have time to blog, or twitter.

Here is the stunning Guild Wars 2 Manifesto.  Enjoy the awesomeness.
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No Comment

I don't know about other players out there, but I am getting tired of hearing that automated response.  Why is it that anytime you ask a question it is always answered with no comment.

What happened to talking about future developments, patches, expansions, and stuff.  It has now got to the point where you don't hear about anything until it is on the test server.  It just irritates me to no end.

I can remember the good old days when they would post everything on their wish lists.  It seems now they are too scared of player backlash, and just spoon feed us like babies.

I think it is worse not saying things in advance.  I would think that getting player feedback months in advance would give devs time to adjust things more.  I think it puts them in a tough spot when they release it on the test server, and they already have their minds set that it is going to live as is.

Are you tired of the no comment responses from producers, and devs?

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Old School Death Penalty

I just think how much death penalties have been nerfed down.  I remember the days in EQ of losing experience, and having to run naked back to my body.  I can't believe I never ragequit that game over it.

I remember one night after excessive drinking I played, and how a big mistake that was.  I somehow blacked out, and died somewhere in the world.  This was back before maps, indicators, and etc.  You had to know how to get back to your corpse, or you would lose all your equipment.

I remember waking up the next day with my character naked, and not even having a clue where my corpse was at.  I only had around 24 hours to find it, or lose everything.  It would be fine if you had your equipment, but running around naked made it pretty difficult.

I spent hours asking in chat if anyone had seen my body laying around.  Finally with just a few hours left before my equipment rotted someone spotted it.  I ended up in some zone I had never even been too before so I would of never found it on my own.

After that experience I am so glad that death penalties in MMORPG's are so much easier now.  They may be a little to easy, but that is fine with me.

Do you remember the days of losing xp, and running back to your corpse to collect your stuff?

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The Worst Thing To Eat While Gaming

What is the worst thing you have eaten while gaming?  What made it the worst thing?  Is your keyboard full of food spills, and crumbs?

I have to say my worst experience with food while trying to play games has been chicken wings after drinking alot.  I had hot sauce all over my keys, my desk, and I had to use my t-shirt as a napkin.

It seems that no food is really convenient when it comes to eating, and playing games at the same time.  Have you found one that works?

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Twisting Tower Live Event Fails

How long does it take Mythic to figure out that everyone hates the Twisting Tower scenario?  It has to be one of the worst I have ever seen. 

It is so bad that out of about twenty scenarios I have played today it has only popped once.  Is that a hint to Mythic or what?  Do they even look at statistics?

Everything about the live event fails.  I am just glad the other scenarios are popping because otherwise I would be rage breaking some keyboards right now.

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Wasdstomp Will Be At PAX West On Friday September 3rd

I will be at PAX West on Friday September 3rd.  If anyone is interested in meeting up let me know. 

I just found out the Guildwars 2 team will be there, and I am pretty excited about that.

This will be my first ever visit to an event like this.  I hope it is a day filled with exciting stuff, and I get alot of free swag.

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Flying Mounts In Warhammer Online

It is a bird, a plane, no it is a flying mount in Warhammer Online.  Would you like to see flying mounts added to the game?  How would it affect RvR?

I was thinking that adding flying mounts would be a great idea for Warhammer Online.  It would add another way to get around in the lakes without getting caught up in all the bottle necks.  How about flying combat?

Would it make you defend if someone could fly over objectives, and keeps?  Would it be fun to fly, and catch stragglers, or small groups?  How much fun would it be to swoop down out of nowhere, and start attacking?

How about being able to drop bombs from the sky?  The possibilities could be endless.  Would flying mounts add new excitement to the game, or not?

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Does Gear Really Matter?

While playing my Archmage I have started to doubt if gear really matters.  It seems heals are greater than gear.  Do you think it is based more on player skill, and not gear?  Do you think an elite player can still be successful in Warhammer Online with green gear?

I know to a point that green gear will make it harder to be great, but I still think it is very easily doable.  I think players just get in the mindset that they need Annihilator, Conqueror, Invader, Warlord, or Sovereign gear to compete with everyone else in the game.  After playing my Archmage I have to disagree.

I have been in plenty of scenarios with low level players, and we end up getting a dominating win.  I seem to see a trend of alot more healers these days on order.  It makes a huge difference on the outcome of scenarios.

So does gear really matter, or is it really other factors that contribute to either your success or failure?

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Yes I Am That Good

You better believe I am that good.  The other day I finally made it to Tier 4 with my Archmage.  Today was the first day I played since getting rank 32.

I log in, and queue up for some Tier 4 scenarios.  Serpent's Passage pops almost instantly.  You know how good it felt to see that scenario again?  I healed like there was no tomorrow, and I was amazed at how well I was doing for being such a low rank.

I was earning some great xp, and renown.  I couldn't pass it up.  After about an hour Altdorf was under siege.  It was pretty fun participating in a defense for the first time.  I only did attacks with my Bright Wizard on the Inevitable City.  My Archmage once again held his own.

We won all three stages, and yes I am that good.  I ended up getting first in the roll, and got my first piece of sov at rank 32.  I am sure players were pissed, but no one said anything.  They probably looked at the healing, and said he earned it.

So the next time you are in Tier 4 you better watch out.  I am a healing machine with my Archmage.

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A Better Idea To Get Players In The Lakes

What would get you into the RvR lakes?  A Klondike bar?  After seeing the disappointing attempt in patch 1.3.6 to get players in the lakes I put my brain to work.  What do players want to be able to do when RvR may be slow, but they still want to progress their character?

My idea is add RvR PQ's throughout the zone in different areas to spread players out.   The trick would be to not only offer experience, but also renown for every kill.  You would also earn bonus renown on each rvr pq completion.  The experience, and renown would have to be better than the same mob in the pve area.  You have to give players that incentive, or that thought in the back of their minds that they could level twice as fast if they ventured into the lakes.   The idea of getting renown for killing mobs will also give players that extra incentive.

This idea could also be incorporated into the Forts possibly.  Make it similar to how Aion works, and when you kill npc's near the fort you get rewarded abyss points which is similar to renown in Warhammer Online.  Currently there just isn't incentive for a small group, or players to venture out solo.  They can't solo a keep, or an objective.

What do you think?  Do you think adding mobs, or rvr pq's throughout the zone is a good idea?  Do you have any thoughts on how to improve on my ideas?

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The Big Announcement

By now every player has read the Producer's letter at least a hundred times, and dissected it like a frog in 8th grade science class.  I saw something in the letter that made me think I know what the big announcement is going to be.

The hint was a little subtle, and most players probably overlooked it.  Bloggers, and players everywhere have a few predications which is more playable classes, an expansion, or possibly a third faction.  I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but I don't think it is any of those three.

What did I read that has me thinking it is a big announcement that doesn't include any of the above?  How could anything else be a bigger announcement than those things being added to the game?

You want to know what I think it is?  I think the big announcement will have nothing to do with Warhammer Online.  You heard me right.  The big announcement will have nothing to do with Warhammer Online.

I predict the big announcement is going to be that  DAOC 2 is in development.  Did you read the first paragraph?  The big announcement is coming from the producer of DAOC.  At least that is how I am reading it.

How excited would you be if that was the big announcement?  I think Mythic thrived with their own title because they were not limited to following an IP.

Why do you think Warcraft has thrived?  Yes World of Warcraft is based off an IP, but it is their own.  They can change the lore any time they feel like to cater to the game.  The same can happen with Mythic with DAOC.

Once again I think the big announcement has something to do with DAOC, and not WAR.  I guess we will have to wait, and see.

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