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The Best Chicken Wings On The Planet

I discovered the best chicken wings on the planet today.  One simple ingredient makes these chicken wings absolutely the best chicken wings ever.  What is it that makes the chicken wings the best?

It is sweet chili sauce.  Yup.  Just add sweet chili sauce to your wings, and you will think you died, and gone to heaven when you bite into your wings.  I refuse to ever eat wings without sweet chili sauce.  It is the perfect blend of spicy, and sweetness.

I suggest adding the sweet chili sauce after cooking.  Simply put the sauce and the cooked wings in a large bag, or covered bowl.  Shake bag, or bowl for about a minute to make sure all wings are evenly coated.  Place them on a plate with a few pieces of celery.

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The Wasdstomp Ugly Fat Guy Club

The Wasdstomp Ugly Fat Guy Club is the best club to join.  What other club do you know out there that you can join for free?  What other club has a random drawing every month to win fifty bucks just by simply belonging to the club?

All it takes to join is your name, and email address.  It really is that simple to join.  You don't have to be ugly, or fat.  I already have that part locked down. 

It isn't going to just be about winning the fifty bucks each month either.  In the future there will be many great giveaways exclusively for Wasdstomp Ugly Fat Guy Club members.

What are you waiting for?  Simply fill out the form on the right side of the blog right now, and still be able to win the random monthly drawing tomorrow November 1, 2010 at 5pm pacific time.

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Pro Athletes Are Overpaid

Why do I think pro athletes are overpaid?  It is pretty simple.  The players without a doubt are being way overpaid for playing a game that they love to play.  Pro athletes making millions a year is just obsurd.

A prime example is Randy Moss.  He was fined 25k for giving the media the silent treatment.  Do you think it made him think twice about talking to the media?  Obviously not.  Today he basically mocked the NFL by conducting his own questions, and answers.

He refuses to answer any questions directly from the media the rest of the season.  It will most likely cause him a 25k fine every week to the end of the season.  He doesn't care.  He makes so much money that 25k is nothing.  Most players probably spend that one night out on the town.

Until the pro leagues understand that fines don't deter players one bit.  Most will pay the fines, and not even think twice about it.  The leagues really need to do something that will make players change.  Game suspensions need to start happening instead of fines.  No player wants to sit out a game they love to play. 

It is the best way to get players to change.  Suspensions will make it happen almost overnight. 

Do you believe pro athletes laugh at the fines they receive compared to their salaries?

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1.2 Billion Reasons I Love Watching The Dallas Cowboys Lose

The Dallas Cowboys are in a world of hurt.  I love every minute of it.  I hate the Dallas Cowboys, and watching them embarrass themselves every game this year makes me do a happy dance.

The Dallas Cowboys are now 1-6, and you can basically say their season is over.  Jerry Jones is probably crying himself to sleep every night.  I love it.  I wish I was a fly in his skybox suite right now so that I could really enjoy his tears.

I think Jerry Jones was misquoted earlier this year when he was saying he wanted to play in the Superbowl at their own home field.  I think he meant to say he was excited to be able to watch the Superbowl without the Cowboys from his suite in his new 1.2 billion dollar stadium.  The Dallas Cowboys are currently 0-4 at home. 

Can you think of 1.2 billion reasons why you hate the Dallas Cowboys.
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Oregon Ducks Beat USC

The Oregon Ducks pulled off the best win of the year.  The Ducks beat USC at home by three touchdowns.  I knew the seven point spread was way off.  The Oregon Ducks are playing phenomenal football, and are basically unstoppable.

The Oregon Ducks eventually wear teams down with their quick offense.  By the second half most teams defenses are worn out, and that is when Oregon starts their non stop scoring.  No team can stop them, or even slow them down.  They can run ten plays for a touchdown running the whole field in just over a minute.  It is just amazing to watch them.

They received even more first place votes today in the coaches poll, and by beating USC it may actually put them #1 in the BCS rankings.  It is still a few hours before the rankings are released, but I am feeling pretty good that Oregon has finally earned the top spot.

Do you think Oregon deserves the #1 BCS ranking?

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Miami Heat Fans Leave Halfway Through Fourth Quarter

What kind of season ticket holders do the Miami Heat have?  Why did most fans leave halfway through the fourth quarter when winning by twenty points?  Why pay for tickets if you are going to leave early?

I just don't understand it.  I watched the game tonight on ESPN, and was amazed how many seats were empty by the time the final buzzer sounded.  I could maybe understand if you were losing by a blowout, but winning against the Orlando Magic and you leave early.

Do they have better things to do on a Friday night in Miami than stay at the game until it's over?  It was the first home game for Miami, and that is how the fans treat a team that is supposedly going to win multiple championships?

As a season ticket holder myself for the Portland Trailblazers I think out of four years I left one game early.  I guess it is just how Miami fans are.  I know the past few years most of their seats were empty, and I didn't even understand that.  A team that just a few years ago won a title, and has a superstar couldn't even fill the seats.

What do you think of fans of the Miami Heat leaving the first home game early?

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Lebron James Makes Me Puke

Who does Lebron think he is?  I have grown to hate this guy.  It seems everything he does these days makes we just want to puke.  He thinks he is all that.

There just is something that no matter what Lebron James does it rubs me the wrong way.  Initially it started with his Decision on ESPN.  He could of easily just said I am leaving Cleveland, and going to the Miami Heat.  He instead chose to make a whole spectacle of the decision to sign with Miami.

The newest thing to make me puke is Lebron's new Nike commercial.  He is basically mocking everyone who said he used the wrong approach in his decision.  Does he really think the commercial is tasteful?  Does he think it's funny?  It just makes me hate Lebron even more.  How could Nike even let him make a commercial like this?

His ego is out of control.  It is sad that such a great player has let everything go to his head.  I will be the first one clapping on every Miami Heat loss, and when they lose in the playoffs this season.

Do you like the way Lebron James acts these days?

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Oregon Ducks At USC Trojans College Football Game Of The Week

I may be a little biased since I live in Oregon, but this game is going to be huge.  Oregonians hate two things in life.  One is the LA Lakers, and the other is USC.  This game is bigger than the World Series to me.

I am sure USC is ready to ruin the Oregon Ducks chance at a National Championship since they aren't allowed to play in any bowl games because of sanctions due to Reggie Bush.  You know every player on USC would love to see all the Oregon Duck players crying into their helmets after Saturday nights game.

I think Oregon is on a roll, and nothing is going to stop them this year.  I think the game will be pretty close the first half, and like every other game this year Oregon will pull away the second half.  I know the spread right now is pretty close, but I am predicting that the Ducks will win by 2-3 touchdowns. 

Are you going to be watching the game?  Who do you want to win the Oregon Ducks or the USC Trojans?

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The New NBA Technical Foul Rule Sucks

The new rule this year to give technical fouls if a player complains about a call sucks.  It is already ruining the flow of NBA games by stopping to shoot technical fouls.  Did fans really complain that they hated watching players complain all the time?

What are these fans going to think when their favorite players end up being ejected from games from just questioning a call?  We know the officials aren't perfect, or instant replay wouldn't be in the game.  What will fans think when players start getting ejected, and it causes a loss?  What if Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett, and so on complain about a foul, and end up being ejected?

I know it is going to piss me off to see players being taken out of important games.  These players play hard, and with alot of passion, and emotion.  How is this going to work during playoffs when players seasons are on the line?

What do you think about this new technical foul rule about complaining about a missed call?

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Three Movies On My Current Must See List

Why do I say three movies?  I find it odd myself, but three movies currently I am dying to see.  I never usually get pumped up to see movies at the theater, but these three movies have made me want to get out of the house, and not wait for them to come out on Netflix.

The first movie that looks simply amazing is Unstoppable with Denzel Washington.  Has he ever been in a bad movie?  The movie is about a runaway train with explosives.  The trailers I have seen so far make it that I can barely wait until November 12th to go see it on opening night.

The second movie that I want to see is Hereafter with Matt Damon.  The after life has always been intriguing, and I think this movie will definitely be pulling at my heart strings.  After losing my father over seven years ago I still wonder what he saw, and heard his last few weeks in ICU pretty much being on life support after receiving his kidney transplant.

The third movie I want to see is Conviction with Hilary Swank.  It is about her mother being murdered, and her brother being convicted.  She grew up, and became a lawyer to prove her brothers innocence.  I always like feel good stories in movies, and I think this movie definitely will be.

What movie can you not wait to go to the theater, and watch?

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Portland Trailblazers Season Opener Last Night

Last night was the Portland Trailblazers NBA season opener.  I hold season tickets, and I am glad the season has finally started again.

I had a great time last night.  I started the night with my pre game beer at The Game sportsbar next to the Rose Garden.  I actually won a season ticket holder drawing, and was allowed into the Rose Garden a half hour before everyone else.  We were allowed to sit courtside, and watch the Blazers warm up.  It is simply amazing to see them up close like that.

After the doors officially opened I did my usual lap around the Rose Garden checking out all the scenery.  My brother, and I got pictures with some of the Blazer dancers.  I have to say these girls have killer bodies.

I had to do another pre game ritual, and get my fish and chips, and another beer.  I went up to my seat, and filled my belly with the best tasting fish and chips.  My brother, and I took one more final lap around the Rose Garden before settling down in our seats for the game.

We socialized a little bit with some of the other season ticket holders around us, and I like the blazer fans sitting around us this year.  Last year the people around us were boring.  This year everyone seems more active, and high fiving each other.

The Blazers changed up the opening introductions a little bit this year.  I liked it alot.  The theme song was off Eminem's Recovery CD called Not Afraid.

The actual game seemed a little slow the first half, and by the end of the third quarter I was a little bit nervous.   I hate when the Blazers lose at home.  Luckily they went on a scoring rampage the last quarter, and made me a very happy camper with our first win of the season.

Naps Are Energizing

I love taking naps.  I find them very beneficial during my lunch hour at work, and at home.  I usually take multiple naps every day.  I wake up refreshed, and energized.

Naps are so much better than drinking coffee, energy drinks, or taking caffeine pills.  I am not sure if I have become immune to caffeine, but it does nothing.  I may be awake, but I am just a five hour energy zombie.  It doesn't make me think better, work harder, or feel refreshed like a nap does.

Naps refresh your mind, release stress, reinvigorate, and so much more.  After I wake up from a nap I am probably more productive than any other time of the day.  I will take a nap over an energy drink any day of the week.

Do you prefer taking a nap, or just drinking lots of caffeine to be more productive at work, and home?

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How I Would Create More Jobs If I Were President

The solution is simple.  The whole economy could be turned around pretty quickly by changing just a few simple things.  Could it be really that easy to create more jobs?

So what is my simple solution?  I would allow people to draw Social Security at the age of 55.  It seems that the Government keeps increasing the age that people can retire.  What does this cause?  It causes people to hold jobs until they are 67.  By constantly making it longer for someone to retire it has stagnated the whole job cycle.

Currently all these college graduates have to wait longer for people to retire so they have jobs to replace.  It is what has finally caught up with the job market, and caused unemployment to skyrocket.

There are other drawbacks to working till age 67 too.  A younger person is going to be more eager, energetic, and productive than a 65 year old working two more years because they have to.  Do you see how making the retirement age 55 for full benefits of Social Security would open so many more jobs?

You just can't create more jobs in a bad economy.   You have to start looking at what caused it, and finding solutions.  No Stimulus is going to create jobs.

I know Social Security keeps saying they are going to run out of money, but let's change how it works.  Let's increase our weekly contribution by 25%.  This would help stablilize it.  Would you be willing to pay another 25% knowing you could retire at 55 rather than 67?  Who wants to work until the day they die instead of enjoying retirement?

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Miami Vs. Boston NBA Opening Night

The NBA season officially opens tonight with a huge game.  Who won't be watching this game tonight?  Even though it is only one game out of eighty two.  This will probably be one of the biggest games ever watched on TV.

Who would I like to see win?  It is a pretty tough question for me.  I hate both teams.  I just think I hate the Miami Heat more with the whole way Lebron went about going there.

I also have a hard time wanting the Celtics to win.  I hate KG with a passion.  I hate seeing Shaq always trying to be a front runner, and signing with winning teams.  Unfortunately he seems to make most teams worse so it will be interesting to see his impact on the Celtics.

I have the game set to record on my DVR because I will be watching my Portland Trailblazers live at the Rose Garden tonight for the season opener.

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No Mo Romo

After last nights shoulder injury it looks like Tony Romo will be done for the year.  The Dallas Cowboys are probably done this year too.  With the team being 1-5 it will be nearly impossible to come back with a backup quarterback.

I love to see the Cowboys lose, but I hate seeing injuries like that to Romo.  I know it is part of football, but I really wanted the team to have a horrible year with Romo in charge the whole time.  They will now use this injury as why they will end up with a losing record, and not fire Wade Phillips at the end of the year.

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I Hate Watching TV During Election Time

I really do hate watching TV during election time.  It is negative ads one after another.  It is so annoying I just end up turning the TV off, and using my DVR so I can skip all the stupid nonsense campaign commercials.

In Oregon we have mail in balloting.  I mailed in my ballot over a week ago, but I still have to deal with all this name smearing for another week.  The ads prove nothing. 

What happened to the days when you actually knew what candidates believed in.  You knew everything they believed in, and what they wanted to change.  These days all you see is words taken out of context, and you really don't ever know what a candidate stands for because they are worried more about making the other guy look bad instead of just letting voters know the changes they want to bring.

You would think with the internet, and social media age that we would be able to know exactly everything about each candidate, but instead all they do is bash the other guy.  You never really do know why they want you to vote for them.

I would really like to see TV ads completely removed for political campaigns.  I haven't seen a real commercial in weeks, and after a while it almost drives you to not even vote.  Luckily I can mail in my ballot so I can base my voting decisions on my true feelings instead of being force fed negative ads for three weeks before being able to vote in many other states.

Do political ads influence your vote, or do they just annoy you?

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Blazers Trade Bayless

I think this trade is more than just trading Bayless to the New Orleans Hornets for a future first round draft pick.  It makes me feel a little bit better going into the season knowing that Rich Cho is trying to make the Blazers better.  I have been a little frustrated so far with very little changes from last year, or least changes that I think make the Blazers more than just a first round playoff team.

I think this first round draft pick is going to be packaged up for another deal.  It could be to try to rekindle the deal earlier that fell through with the four team trade involving Carmelo going to the Nets.  It sort of makes sense. 

The head coach of the Hornets is an ex Blazer assistant so he probably likes Bayless to be there PG next year when CP3 could end up going to the Nets with Melo. 

I just hope whatever happens makes me a happier season ticket holder than I currently am this year.  I am not too excited about this season so far, but some huge trade could turn the season around for me.

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Only Two NFL Games Worth Watching This Week

The NFL schedule is a little boring this week.  I found only two games that I want to watch.  This is why college football is more exciting to watch most weeks.  There are always rivalries, upsets, and teams fighting for ranks.  The NFL isn't always exciting to watch.

The only two games I am watching in the NFL this weekend is Giants versus Cowboys, and the Packers versus Vikings.  The rest of the games are pretty meaningless to me.

Do you think most of the NFL football matchups this week are pretty boring?

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Projected BCS Top 10 Rankings Week 9

1- Oregon
2- Auburn
3- Boise State
4- TCU
5- Alabama
6- Michigan State
7- Ohio State
8- Missouri
9- Utah
10- Wisconsin

Struggling With Trichotillomania

I can't stop.  No matter how hard I try I do it.  I don't even know how it started.  I can't figure out any triggers except boredom.  It seems to be getting worse every day.  So what is Trichotillomania?  It is the urge to pull out your hair uncontrollably.

It is now to the point where it is very noticeable.  Both my eyebrows are now almost completely gone.  I have basically plucked them one by one over the last few months.  It is probably close to drug addicition where you may want to stop, but no matter how hard you try you can't kick the habit.

I am trying to look back, and see how it all started.  I know a coworker who talked about it about a year ago, and her inability to stop pulling even with anti depressant prescriptions.  I thought to myself how could someone pull out their hair.  I now see how it happens, and it is impossible to stop.

I am not sure how it started.  I used to be infatuated with my eyebrows, and pluck stray ones with tweezers.  It was like a once a week type ordeal, but it didn't seem like that big of a deal.  I also recently started plucking my gray hairs, but lost interest in it. 

My newest hair pulling has started with my arm hair.  I now find myself bored while sitting on break at work, or watching TV.  I end up pulling multiple hairs every break, or incident when it happens.  It is a horrible addiction. 

I am struggling with it every day, and I hope somehow magically I wake up some day, and no longer have the urge to pull out my hair.

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My Top Picks Of College Football Games To Watch 10/23/10

College football is exciting.  I sometimes find it more exciting than watching the NFL.  These kids play every week.  They are playing on the hopes, and dreams that they make it to the NFL.  They play to be in the National Championship game.  Every week you are fighting to move up the rankings, or to hold your current spot.  Nothing beats the excitement leading up to the BCS rankings being announced every Sunday evening.

Tommorrow is no exception.  There are some very huge games that are going to impact alot of kids lives tomorrow.  Some will be happy, and some will have there season dreams crushed with one game.

My game to watch pick of the day is going to be (6) LSU vs. (4) Auburn at 12:30/3:30 est on CBS.  This is going to be a battle of two unbeaten teams in the SEC.  I can't wait to watch this game.

My game to watch runner up pick of the day is going to be (1) Oklahoma vs. (11) Missouri.  Once again this is going to be a great game to watch.  With (2) Oregon winning by a landslide last night against UCLA it means Oklahoma must put on a stunning performance to keep the #1 spot.  Missouri on the other hand is looking to knock off Oklahoma just like the previous weeks when the #1 ranked teams have lost.

I believe both of these games are must watch games for this week.  I am personally picking Auburn, and Missouri to win, or at least who I would like to see win.

Are these your must see college football games, or is there another one you can't wait to watch?

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Drunken Bumper Cars

How drunk can you be to run into nine parked cars in an apartment complex?  Obviously very, very drunk.  I just wonder what the guy was thinking when he decided to drive after drinking that much.

I would think after hitting the first, or second car you would realize real quick that you shouldn't be behind the wheel.  I guess the fortunate thing is no one was hurt, or killed.  It is pretty scary to know he drove on the roads somewhere to get back home.

If he was at a bar than I find it very irresponsible of a bar to let someone get that drunk.  Even if someone is not driving they still shouldn't be letting someone get that drunk.

I find it even more appalling if he left a friends house, and they let him drive like that.  A friend should never let friends drive like that.  If you are going to invite people over than you must also be responsible enough to offer them the couch, a cab ride, or drive them home themselves.

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Female Sideline Reporters Are Hired For Looks Only

I hate female sideline reporters.  Most are clueless about the sport, and we know why they have the job.  It isn't their sports knowledge, but how pretty they are.

I am so sick of seeing them on TV asking the most cliche questions to coaches at halftime.  It isn't adding anything to the game.

I do like to look at them.  I won't deny that, but with the internet I can look at hot chicks all day long without listening them try to talk about sports. 

I am sure ESPN hired Jenn Brown to eventually replace Erin Andrews.  They know sex sells, and with Erin getting all prissy about guys checking her out they needed someone new for the guys to drool over.

Does the worthless sideline reporting by clueless females bother you?

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Duck You BCS Rankings

Once again the Oregon Ducks proved why they should be the #1 college football team in the nation.  The Thursday night game was a slaughter against UCLA.  The Oregon Ducks scored another half century of points on a team.

When will it be enough?  If the Ducks destroy USC next week there should be no doubt who the real #1 is?  I don't know, but maybe the BCS computers are still using Pentiums from ten years ago with the math flaw.

I can't wait to see the coaches polls, and the BCS rankings this weekend after Oregon dominated another team, and improved to 7-0.

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Today Is A Sports Fan Favorite Day

Why is today such a great day for sports fans?  Well, at least it is for me.  Today is going to be a pretty exciting day for me.

It starts off with the Oregon Ducks playing UCLA today at Autzen on ESPN.  It is going to be a great game.  I am sure the whole nation will be watching as they are #1 in all the polls, but #2 with the BCS rankings.  It is time to prove that we deserve the #1 spot.

Secondly a very important NLCS baseball game between the Giants, and Phillies.  I am not a huge baseball fan, but I have found myself watching all these games.  I would love to see the Giants knock off the Phillies.  Of course I would also like to see the Yankees lose too, but than the World Series would be boring to watch if it was the Giants, and Rangers.  I am hoping for a Giants and Yankees matchup for the World Series.

Lastly it is the last preseason game for the Blazers.  I am ready for the season to start.  I hold season tickets, and I am curious to see how the team does this year.  I am a little nervous with all the injuries, and basically no movement in the roster.  I am not sure our current roster is going to get us past the first round of the playoffs even if everyone gets healthy.  I hope they prove me wrong.

So tonight at the Blazers game I will be watching the scoreboard, refreshing ESPN on my phone, and making frequent trips to the concourse to see all the exciting games tonight.

Is today your favorite Sports Fan Day?
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I Hate Comcast

It seems every experience I have with them I just want to scream.  Why is it that nothing ever goes right?  I now know why my son said he put Comcast on his favorite five.  It seems no matter what you are calling them up to fix some stupid problem.

A few weeks ago when I initially moved to my new place they told me I had to wait for them to install my internet, and I waited almost a week.  I was running errands, and decided to just stop by the local Comcast office just to see if I could just pick up a modem, and hook it up.  Guess what?  I could, and two hours later I had internet, and could of had it a week earlier.

Now let us fast forward to today.  After waiting five business days for my new HD DVR to show up from UPS I hook it up, and it doesn't work.  I am really pissed.  I need to DVR my Oregon Ducks tomorrow because I have a Blazer game to go to tomorrow night. 

I initially call, and get a non english speaking technician.  How do these idiots even get a job where customers need to be able to communicate?  I spend an hour on the phone, and they say wait forty five minutes for my dvr to download data.  An hour later it is still not working.

I call back.  I get another non english speaking idiot.  They make me repeat every step again.  Once again it doesn't work.  It works plugged directly in my tv, but not with the dvr box.  This tech escalates it to the next level.

Finally someone who speaks clear english.  Unfortunately after waiting all this time it seems the box doesn't work, or my signal is too weak.  It doesn't make sense because my internet works fine, and the cable looked fine when I directly hooked it up to my tv minus the cable box.

So the technician says to take it to my local office to trade it in.  I go are you sure they have them?  Yes they do she replied.  I than asked why I couldn't of went a week ago, and picked one up directly from the office.  She goes you could have.  I am livid by this time.

Why is it that the phone people at Comcast lie to me initially?  Are they getting commission, or some kind of incentive so they act like I can't pick stuff up at the office?  I don't call this customer service.

Now I have to spend my afternoon exchanging boxes, and hoping it fixes the problem before the big game tomorrow night.  I hate to think how long it will be if they have to send a technician out to fix the problem.

I wish I had a better option than Comcast because I would tell them to go take a hike.

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Kiss My Niche Goodbye

The time has come that I needed to really look at myself, and this blog.  I am kicking my gaming niche for my blog to the curb.  Effective immediately my blog will be random rants about almost anything.  One day I may be talking about sports, and the next day it may be about my crazy neighbor, or my cat, or some local or national news.

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My Minecraft House After 25+ Hours This Weekend

I know.  How did I spend 25+ hours on my house in Minecraft?  I ask myself the same question.  I guess it is easy to do when your TV is right next to your computer desk.  I think you will enjoy seeing how my house has progressed these last two weeks.

A screenshot doesn't do much justice so I decided to record a short video tour of  My Minecraft House After Two Weeks.  As you can see I still have so many hours of work left on my house.  I don't really mind.  I am enjoying my time in Minecraft every minute, and I know block by block my Minecraft house will be unbelievable when I finally call it done.

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My Infatuation With My Minecraft House

My Infatuation with my house in Minecraft
At first I was happy with my house in Minecraft.  I started visiting some multiplayer servers, and realized my house looked like a white trash trailer. I decided almost immediately that my grand plans of building my Minecraft world in one night is impossible if you want it to look good.

I have decided to take it way slower, and create a quality world.  I have been putting so many hours into my house in Minecraft it would blow most players minds.  The scary part is that it is no where even near being done.  It looks pleasing to the eye from the distance, but it is probably still weeks away from it being total completed.


I Am Still In Love With Minecraft

I know, I know.  I am sure many of my readers figured I would fall in love with Minecraft, and two days later hate the game.  I had my doubts myself.  Lately every game that I thought was love at first sight ended up being one night stands.

Minecraft is in a world of its own.  I am really, really addicted to Minecraft.  How addicted to Minecraft am I?  Do you remember a few weeks ago when I said I was going back to World of Warcraft for Cataclysm on Dec 7th? 

Minecraft has taken over my life.  I am no longer interested in any MMORPG.  I am not buying Cataclysm, Guild Wars 2, or SWTOR.  I think I finally found a game that makes me happy.  It is crazy that I stuck with Warhammer Online so long, and made myself miserable every day when everything about the game always pissed me off.  I have lost complete interest in any upcoming MMORPG.

Minecraft has changed my whole outlook on life.  I am finding myself much happier these days in real life.  I see it has affected my whole life.  It has been two weeks since I posted a negative story about my real life job on Dealing With Annoying Customers.  Is it coincidence, or did Warhammer Online cause so much rage that it reflected in all aspects of my life, and now with Minecraft I am just an overall happy person?

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How I Lost Almost Everything In Minecraft

I am in the middle of converting my house from wood to stone in Minecraft.  It seems easy enough.  I just needed to rearrange some chests, and workbenches to make room for my stairs.

I decided to chop my chest, and almost everything dropped on the floor of my house.  I found the chest in my inventory, and decided to place it next to the other chest in my house.

I was caught by surprise, and when you place two small chests next to each other it automatically converts it to a large chest.  I thought that was pretty cool that I figured it out. 

I proceeded to pick up everything that dropped from the chest, and put it in the new large chest.  I arranged everything really nicely, and went on my way.

I started to go out the door, and realized I needed something out of the chest.  I went back to the chest to find it empty.  I tried clicking on the left, and on the right, and the middle.  I kept trying it thinking all my stuff was there.  Sadly all my materials were gone.

I lost all my leather, food, wood from tearing down my house, axes, and so much more.  It was all gone.  I now have to spend time gathering everything again.

I guess that is why it is alpha.  It must have somehow bugged out my chest when it merged it into a large chest.  I just wanted everyone to know that if you place two chests together you could possibly lose everything in them.

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Remodeling My Minecraft House

I decided my first house in Minecraft looked pretty cheesy compared to many other houses I have seen.  I decided to go with all stone, and it now goes up into the clouds.  The view is spectacular.

I didn't realize how much time it was going to take to tear down my current home, and start building it with stone instead of wood.  It seemed to take forever, but eventually I got my basic shell redone.

It is going to take a little time to mine all the stone I need to build it completely up to where I want it.  It is what I love about Minecraft.  You are never done.  Everything can always be improved.

I did a few other small things this weekend too.  I leveled out part of my front entrance to my house, and built a wooden deck with a fence.  It will look really nice once I complete my house again.

I also decided to complete my pathway, and add steps.  It is much smoother now when I am going back up to my house.  No more bunny hopping my way back to the safety of my house.

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My Mini Accomplishment In Minecraft Today

Building the pathway from my house to the body of water in Minecraft
Today I spent most of my day creating a walkway from my house all the way down to the huge body of water in Minecraft.  It was very time consuming.  I have the rough draft of it done.  I will fine tune all the details of the walkway later on.

It sounds easy enough to do, but this walkway was about 200 blocks long, and 3 wide.  It took forever to mine it all, and than place it in the walkway.  Every day in the game I was able to mine quite a bit.  I had to make six pickaxes every time.  I knew after I started using the sixth one that night was coming, and I had to start heading back to my house.

I would craft more pickaxes every night in my house, and wait for the day to come.  Once daybreak hit I would go place as many blocks to my pathway as possible.  Once night hit again I would run up the pathway, and hide in my house until day again.

I rinsed, and repeated this for hours tonight in Minecraft, but I finally laid the last brick to the pathway.  I still need to make the stairs so I don't have to hop so much, but for now it works good enough.

Tomorrow I start gathering tons and tons of wood for my next project of building a large boat in the water   It should be really cool once I get it completed.  I have so many ideas I want to try with it. 

How is your world coming along in Minecraft?

Building A Minecraft Community

Build in Minecraft, and submit videos, pictures, and stories to Wasdstomp
Minecraft has gone viral.  I am loving Minecraft as much as everyone else.  I want to have a place where everyone is able to share their worlds with everyone, and tell their story.  I want Wasdstomp to be the place where everyone comes when they want to show off anything they have built in Minecraft.

I am opening up this blog to anyone who wants to share their Minecraft adventures with other Minecraft players throughout the world.  If you have pictures, video, or a small story I would love to post it here on Wasdstomp.  Please send all submissions to guestposting at gmail dot com.

Be sure to include a small bio, your blog or website(if you have one), twitter name, pictures, video links, and just a small article about it, and a title for your article.


Building With Minecraft

My mind is about to explode.  The addiction is fierce already to Minecraft.  I can't stop thinking about it no matter what.  I haven't had this feeling for a game in a very, very long time.

I am operating today on a back to back shift at work today with literally no sleep.  I stayed up until 4am playing the game.  I figured I would go to bed, and catch a few hours of sleep before this long dreaded work shift.  Guess what happened?

I tossed, and turned almost the whole time.   I couldn't wind down.  I just kept thinking about Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft, and more Minecraft.  I have all these things I want to build in my world.  Every minute I keep imagining more stuff to build, and how I want my world to look.  My mind is going 500 mph right now. 

My world map is going to be amazing when I finish it.  I have so many great ideas I sometimes don't even know where to start.  How am I going to control my time in Minecraft?  What am I going to build first? 

I have so many things I want to build I had to start making a list.  Will I ever be able to complete my world, or will there always be something to build, or rebuild better?

This is what is so great about Minecraft there is always something to do.

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I Have Officially Quit Warhammer Online

I have been hinting at it the last few days, and I just want to make it official.  I will no longer be playing Warhammer Online.  I initially was going to play around with the free trial once in a while, but I think it is best that I put this game away for good.

It is definitely time.  I just couldn't see anything positive.  All I ever thought about was the negative aspects of any patch, rvr pack, hotfix, or whatever.  It isn't all bad, but my mind just flowed with negative thoughts about the game around the clock.

It was to the point that no matter what I was going to find something negative about any change.  It just isn't fair to the game, or anyone who may have randomly came across Wasdstomp.

Wasdstomp will be changing its focus to mainly Minecraft, and Cataclysm
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My Instant Addiction To Minecraft

Do you want to know how addicting Minecraft is?  Right now it is 4am.  I should of been to bed hours ago.  It hooks you instantly.  I started playing it today, and easily logged in over 10 hours of play time.  The time flies by so fast you don't even realize it.

The game is so simple, but so addictive.  I could see spending thousands and thousands of hours just building a world.  The exciting part about Minecraft is every hour you play the world is growing, and prospering.  I don't think you could ever run out of things to do in the game.

Basically today I started off with my initial shelter for the first few days of the game.  The days are usually around ten minutes, and the night cycle is around seven minutes.  You can spend the day out wondering around, and exploring.  You spend the night inside crafting, and avoiding zombies.

I spent a huge chunk of time building my house.  I built a pretty huge house on top of a high mountain overlooking the valleys, and a body of water.  It is so breathtaking.

I will be spending several more days building my house, and arranging it just perfect.  I have so many ideas of things I want to do to my house before even doing other stuff in the game.

I made a short little video to show my first shelter, and the home I am in the process of building.

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