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My Minecraft House of Sand Episode 1

I have been doing nothing, but playing Minecraft the last few days.  I am so excited about my newest build area I couldn't stop building.  I have made alot of progress with this area already, and feel it is at a point to show it off a little.

You can watch My Minecraft House of Sand Episode 1 right now.  I have several buildings completed, and everything is made out of sand, and glass.  Yes, I finally decided to make some glass, and try it out.  I love it.  It gave me so many more ideas of things to build now so everything doesn't look the same.

One thing cracked me up when I was making the video which I kept in the video.  I ran across about ten sheep right by one torch by my house.  I was going to kill them all, but decided to just take their wool instead.  It is my sensitive side.

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