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Which is better pvp?  Is it SWTOR, or GW2?  After watching many matches during my visit to PAX I have decided on a winner.  I like many aspects of each one, but clearly only one can be my Winner.




Did you watch the videos?  What do you think?  Which one seems like pvp will be more fun SWTOR or GW2?  

I like the setting of SWTOR.  It is more than just a big open space with a flag.  It reminds of Unreal Tournament where you can shoot players from above, hop down, take a lift, and etc.  It opens up the pvp more where you have to be more aware of your complete surroundings.  Of course they added fire traps, and acid which kill you almost instantly.  It definitely adds to the strategy.  Do you take your chances to run across the fire trap, and hope it doesn't go off, or do you wait?  The only problem when waiting is it gives players a chance to knock you down to the bottom, or kill you, and steal the ball.  Eventually after going up ramps, dodging acid pools, and fire pits you make it across the score line.

The downfalls of SWTOR is I think the graphics are not that exciting.  I guess maybe I am not a big fan of the light sabers, and stuff.  It just doesn't have the eye candy in my opinion.  

I love the graphics of GW2.  I think the spell, and character animations are simply amazing.  I like how they color code the teams instead of just making names red.  It makes it real easy to see your allies, and your enemies.  The PvP matches I saw seemed like take a control point, and the more control points you own the more points you gain.  You definitely have some pretty good fights up, and around the control point areas.

The downfalls of GW2 is it seems mostly ground level.  There are no strategic stand on a higher level, and shoot someone below.  There are no other mechanics except getting the control points so it becomes  a zergfest in a way.  I didn't really see many off control point battles so alot of downtime running to control points to fight.

And the Winner Is......

This is a tough decision.  In my heart I want GW2 to be my game, but after watching all these pvp matches from both I have to say SWTOR got the PvP right in their Wafronts.  It was so convincing that it made me preorder the game after saying for months I was going to pass on SWTOR.  They won me over with the PvP.