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Are Other Gaming Companies Watching Dragon Nest?

I wonder if any devs from some of the bigger gaming companies are watching what Dragon Nest is doing? I love what they are doing with this game.  I just received an email with an announcement of  new end game content, and a new highest level boss to kill which is a three headed Hell Hound.

If only that was the only good news, but actually they are doing something even better.  Are you listening WAR devs?  They have introduced a new seasonal Ghoul PvP instance.  It is a 16 man FFA last man standing ruleset.  It gets even better.  You aren't killing each other, but turning everyone into Ghouls.  The last person to remain without being turned into a Ghoul wins.

Doesn't that sound fun compared to the normal same old kill, kill, and kill?  WAR players have been asking for a scenario similar to this for a few years now.  Everyone wants to play an all Chicken scenario.  It would just be some quirky fun every once in a while.  I know one time we did it in the Nordenwatch RvR area.  It was a blast going around pecking each other.

Everyone keeps talking that they are looking for an MMORPG that changes the genre.  You don't have to look any further.  The best part is it is also free to play, and in three months I have never bought anything from the store.  I say download it, and give it a shot.  I promise you that you will love all the game mechanics.

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