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RL And Rift

It seems like RL is getting in the way of Rift.  I think with my hectic work schedule right now I am unfortunately only going to be able to play on my days off.  I work at 4-5am, and lately 1-2 hours of overtime each day.  I am not sure, but I think I am getting old.  I wake up at 2am, and get home at 4pm.  I am usually dead tired by the time I get home.

I keep trying to take naps, but instead I end up rolling over, and sleeping until I work the next day.   My body just doesn't operate on 3-5 hours of sleep anymore. I really want to play Rift, and it looks like it will have to be on my days off when I am not operating on no sleep.  Hopefully I won't be the last one to 50 on the server.
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I Love The Ashstone Server In Rift

Do I really need to say anything else?  This was the best thing I could have ever done by leaving Briarcliff, and rerolling to Ashstone.  I love it.

Is it because I am Defiant again?  I am not sure, but my Black Garden record completely changed.  I think out of fifty warfronts today I went about 47-3.  I swear every player knew exactly what to do in the Warfronts.  How can one faction be that much smarter than another?

Does it prove that one faction attracts the twelve year olds?  I don't know for sure, but I didn't have to beat my head on my keyboard all day, and actually enjoyed myself.  I seem to see a pattern of terribad players on Guardian.
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My Rift Queue Queue In My Pillow

My pillow currently is full of tears from my queue queue from Rift.  I know I should tough it out, but other factors  have also weighed in on my decision.  I will no longer be playing Guardian on Briarcliff with my old Warhammer Online buddies.   I have switched back to Defiant on Ashstone with no one I know.

I know originally this was my plan to roll solo.  I had this crazy idea to join my old Warhammer buddies, and it just wasn't the same.  I felt like an outsider, and most didn't even remember me.  I have to say that part hurt the most.  I guess that is what happens when I didn't follow them to World of Warcraft.  I also felt like I was playing solo anyways.  They were leveling up together, and doing Warfronts while I was lagging behind having to pug it.

I am not going to sugarcoat it.  It was the worst twelve hours of Rift.  I feel so much better on Defiant.  The comfort of knowing everything from quests, to locations, to npc's makes a huge difference.  Although I am questing alone I don't feel the pressure of fitting back in with my old guild buddies.  I am not sure I would have either.  I felt like I was also lied too.  Most of the guild is staying in Warcraft, and only about fifteen made the jump to Rift.  I just don't see them staying anyways, and I may as well not get hurt later.

I also feel a huge stress release from the stupid queue situation on Briarcliff.  It was controlling my decisions on playing.  It was to the point I wanted to take some breaks, eat, shower, or whatever, but with a six hour queue looming over my head I just kept playing.  It is just plain stupid to change your life for a queue.  This morning I woke up at 3am just to get in the queue so I could play this morning when I actually felt like getting up.  Both times I ended up being disconnected, and seeing even longer queues.   It was time to move on.

I hope to see some of you in Black Garden later today.  If you see my Ranger/Marksman/Assassin her name is Plixy, and please refrain from killing me.  I am still trying to recover from yesterday, and I really don't need to queue queue in my pillow over Rift tonight.

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Kudos To Rift

My hat goes off to Rift.  I think it was one of the smoothest launches I have seen.  Of course queues are impossible to prevent when everyone, and his mother are trying to play at the same time.  If players stopped worrying about saving their name on every server there probably wouldn't even be queues.

I played for about twelve hours yesterday, and I ran into no glaring problems.  My biggest problem was trying to find Sanctum since I played Defiant the whole beta.  After playing both now I have to say the Guardian side flows much better than Defiant.

My biggest Kudos to Rift is I did not see one gold or powerlevel spam the whole day.  I repeat. I did not see one gold or powerlevel spam the whole day.  I know in the last several launches the first week was usually ruined with all the spam scrolling non stop, and out of control.

After such a long beta I am surprised that no one still knows how to Black Garden.  The Warfront did cause me to want to pull my hair out.  How hard is it to stay in the middle to hold the fang?  I would think six points a second is better than one or two if you go try to run off, or hide behind the tree.  How hard is it to see right under the score the name, and healthbar of the person carrying the fang?

I guess players never learn.  I still see them trying to kill a tank with five healers running around in our back lines while the fang guy stands in the middle twiddling his thumbs.  I played about fifty Black Gardens yesterday, and my win-loss record was shameful.  I think my record is probably about 3-47.  I still haven't won five to get my weapon reward.

My next Kudo goes to Rift for handling the populations very well.  Every once in a while I would see a new announcement of servers being launched.  It makes me a little nervous because Warhammer Online initially did it, and a week later they had 63 servers with a hundred people on each.

Anyways I think Rift is doing a great job, and I look forward to playing another twelve hours today.

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Rift Let Me Down

Okay I am all pumped up to play Rift.  I consumed two Viso for a total of 600mg of caffeine.  I figure I better check to make sure there is no last minute download updates.  I load the patcher, and the big Play button is glowing.

I thought to myself OMG they actually opened the servers early.  My heart races as I see the intro screens.  I see it loading 23%, 46%, 74%, and the screen starts to load.  The game music is pounding in my ears as my heart races, and the adrenaline rush goes through my body.

All of a sudden I feel like I am in the world of Inception.  I feel the /kick, and come back to reality.  The screen shows all the servers are still locked.
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Vote For Your Favorite Video Games Of Each Era

Yesterday I ran across this link on my local news website, and found it very interesting.  The Smithsonian American Art Museum is going to be having a video game exhibit.  It spans from the 70's to the present.  They split it up into five eras starting with Space Invaders, and ending with World of Warcraft, and COD: Black Ops.

Being 44 years old it brought back alot of memories, but it also seems it missed alot of games I thought were good games in each respective era.  The best part is you can vote for what games you want to be shown in the exhibit coming up in March.    It has games from Colecovision, Sega, Intellivision, Atari, Commodore 64, and more.

What are you waiting for?  Register with just your email address, and start voting for you favorite video games for each era that you want to see represented.

What games do you remember that you think should have been included in the voting?

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10 Rift Head Start Survival Guide Tips

The Rift Head Start is just around the corner.  Everyone needs to make sure they are 100% prepared for this day.  You don't won't to be left behind the very first day.  This survival guide is just for fun, and should not to be taken seriously.

Tip #1

Sleep 15+ hours on February 23.  Be sure to take some Unisom with a beer chaser.  Keep drinking more beer unitl you pass out.  Make sure alarm is set for 9:30am on February 24.  This extra sleep will give you that extra boost to stay focused, and hardcore level your character.

Tip #2

Go technology silent.  Don't check email, twitter, or load up your internet browser to keep gaming distractions to a minimum.  Keep cell phone off for the next 48 hours.

Tip #3

Break up with your boyfriend, or girlfriend.  Rift is going to be very time consuming, and there will be no time for cuddling on the couch watching movies.  Every minute you aren't playing is a minute you will never get back.

Tip #4

Buy several block ice, and place computer on top of blocks to help keep cool while gaming 24/7 for the next week straight.   Replace ice as necessary.

Tip #5

Buy rinseless soap, and shampoo.  Who has time to take showers?  Easily keep yourself fresh by applying rinseless soap, and shampoo during loading screens, and queues for Warfronts.

Tip #6

Stock up on batteries so you are ready to replace batteries for your mouse, headset, and etc.  Batteries are also great when you feel yourself dozing off, and you can lick the end of the batteries with your tongue for a quick jolt of alertness.

Tip #7

Hide you car on the next street block.  You don't want someone to see that you are home, and decide to drop by and visit.

Tip #8

Have several empty milk jugs handy for when nature calls.  Just don't forget to put the cap on, and write fresh lemonade on the front.

Tip #9

Take your cat, and dogs to a animal hotel for a week.

Tip #10

Send flowers to your wife with a guy from her work name on it.  Accuse her of cheating, and tell her to move out for a week because you need time to think about your relationship.
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What Drives Me To Keep Blogging About MMORPG's?

Do you ever wonder what bloggers do all day?  Do you picture fat, old guys sitting at the computer for hours?  Do you picture them spending more time on Twitter at work than actually doing work?  Do they actually play the games they complain, or write about?  How do they think of things to write about every day?  Am I really a negative person in real life?  How did your blog become so popular?  Can anyone become a successful gaming blogger?  Can I get rich like you from being a gaming blogger?

The questions could go on for days, but I will save you the time.  I will try to answer some questions of my daily life as a gaming blogger.  It isn't as glorious as some may think it is.   If you think it is about spending 15 minutes on a post, and logging off you may as well write in a notebook pad because about the same amount of people are going to read it.

Where do I get most of my ideas?  Personally most of my blog posts come directly from my experiences in a game.  If WAR pisses me off with something I will be the first to post about it.  If Rift decides to nerf my soul purge for my mage you will definitely hear about it.  If I like the new Goblin zone in WoW than I will say so.  Some days I am just drawing a blank.  I read some other blogs, and maybe something in another blog post, or a comment sparks an idea for a post.  I also sometimes get ideas from what I read on Twitter.  It may be a 2-4 hour process just to write a post on a typical day.

As a gaming blogger I spend alot of time staring at my stats.  Is my post being viewed, retweeted, commented on?  For me these tell me if my post stunk it up, or if I pulled at someones heartstrings, or fanboism.  I am known for being pretty negative alot, but I see it as making MMORPG's enjoyable for everyone.  I don't kiss up to any company.  Send me an invite to HQ, and most likely I will give it to some fanboi who will stay on your devs nutsack the whole time.   If you don't like the truth about games, and you wear rose colored glasses than my gaming blog probably isn't for you.  Just like my title says I eat fanboi tears.

The comments really mean alot to me.  I try to interact alot, but lately I have tried to pull back more to have more interaction with the commenters amongst themselves first, and than maybe the next day I put in my two cents.  I love hate comments.  If I am not pissing off a fanboi somewhere than I am not doing my job.  I try to set myself apart from other bloggers, and actually do more than repost patch notes, or post the weekly holiday pvp scenario, battleground, warfront or whatever.  I can read it on the official site so you are just wasting my time.

I have to say I spend way too many hours refreshing my stats page on my blog, and analyzing my analytics from Google.  It amazes me to this day on some of my most popular posts.  My posts with the most traffic is about Aion a game I stopped talking about like a year or two ago.  It has been so long I don't even remember.  Everyone says the game is dead, but every guide I made still gets tons of visitors every day.  Even my Youtube Aion leveling guide videos have more views than I ever imagined.

My April Fool's joke post from last year still gets over 25 visits a day.  A post that was just a joke, and to this day players still believe it even though I posted in the comments later that day that it was just a joke.  My Minecraft house after two weeks Youtube video gets at least 5 comments a day it seems.  I think last time I checked it had over 20k views for a simple video of my house in Minecraft.

My Twitter following keeps growing every day.  I love using Twitter as a blogger because it lets me interact more on an individual basis with players who may otherwise just lurk on my blog posts, and never comment but feel better about replying on Twitter.  I have to say I spend way to much time on Twitter.  I wake up, and access Twitter on my phone, go to work, access Twitter on bathroom breaks, regular breaks, lunch, on my way home.  I get home and log in on my computer.  I retweet usually about 5-10 tweets a day from my followers which I find interesting, or funny.  The nice thing about Twitter is it doesn't always have to be about gaming.  I spend more time doing searches, and finding new people to follow.  Lately I do alot of #rift searches, and follow alot of the new players who may have never heard of Wasdstomp.  I don't spam them with useless follow me spam but just quietly following them, and responding to something they may say later on.

If you want to get rich blogging than you may be reading the wrong blog.  I haven't quite cornered that market yet, but for some reason making money for some reason gets some of the gaming blog community in a tizzy.  When the time comes will I do it?  Of course, but right now making pennies off Google ads that payout after $100 is a joke.

So can you become a successful gaming blogger?  Of course anyone can, but don't expect traffic to come running to your blog.  It takes alot of work behind the scenes to keep it growing.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but you need to make your own voice.  Do you do podcasts, are you a fanboy, are you negative, do you post funny screenshots?  This is what sets you apart from everyone else, and how you gain your following.

So I am sure everyone by now is like just tell me your stats.  Most gaming bloggers like to keep them secret.  I am not sure why?  Are my stats that great?  Not really, but I feel like my blog is being successful compared to where I was almost two years ago.  Here is some quick stats just to give you a glimpse of what motivates me every day.

My first blog Warhammer Blog Times received about 10-15 visitors a day.  This is when players still played the game.  The blog is around two years old now, and has 12k total visits.  I look back, and wonder why I even blogged for ten people.

My second blog Aion Gaming Headquarters got about the same amount of visitors every day.

I have a few other random blogs that aren't really related, but they don't get much traffic because I haven't put in the time and effort like I have Wasdstomp which proves traffic just doesn't know about your blog unless you put in the time and effort.

Okay here are some of my juicy stats for Wasdstomp:

Over 130k visitors in just a little over a year.  I started with about 25 visitors a day, and now I get on average about 300.  My current trend is up about 20% which always makes me happy.

My biggest traffic day was over 975 visitors.

My top 5 posts are Aion, Allods, and my SWTOR april fools joke post.  The Dark Poeta guide has been viewed over 12k times as my highest visited page.

Google sends me 70% of my traffic, and Twitter another 15%.  The rest are bits, and pieces.

My Youtube videos have over 100k hits.

I have over 300 Twitter followers, and tweeted myself almost 4k tweets.

Any stats or something you want to ask me that maybe I didn't answer?


Twitter While Playing Rift

Now you can tweet while playing Rift.  It is a cool new feature they added this beta.  You can now tweet pics of your achievement, screenshots, or if you just want to tweet something.  Once you have it enabled you can easily tweet in game by simply using /tweet in the chat box.

Hit ESC to bring up the Options Menu

In the Options menu click on Settings

Next Click on Interface and than Twitter at the bottom

It will than ask for your Twitter login, and password to authenticate.  I highly suggest changing the suffix from #rift to maybe something like #riftingame to keep all the spam directly out of the main #Rift Twitter channel. If you have any further questions on it please let me know.

I Want To Be The Most Hated Zerg Guild In Rift

Do you hate zergs?  Do you think zergs ruin pvp?  Are players in zerg guilds a bunch of no skill players who just win because of numbers?  Will you ragequit if a zerg guild forms on your server?  Do you thrive in the zerg guild environment?

After my two day Nyquil induced coma I did have alot of time to think about my future in Rift.  What is it that makes gaming fun for me?  What had me unmotivated to play Rift a few days ago?  After laying in bed literally two days I came to a conclusion.  I just need to make a zerg guild, and be hated by everyone.

It is what made my day in Warhammer Online.  Everyone hated Rhuin, but I loved it.  They used the simple tactic that any pvp game is won by numbers no matter how skilled other guilds are.  I have to say there were many skilled, and knowledgeable players in Rhuin.

What I am looking for are some more like minded players to create the biggest zerg guild in Rift.  I am not the most knowledgeable about the game so I would like to get some officers to help me out with that.  I also need players that are willing to recruit players until their fingers bleed.  The first few weeks will be critical in building a huge massive zerg guild.

If you always want to be on the winning side in Rift than joining my zerg guild is almost a guarantee every time.  More players to socalize in vent with, interact in the game with is a win-win.  If this sounds like something you would like to help me get started with on day one of headstart of Rift please let me know.
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Where Did My Motivation To Play Rift Go?

I don't understand why I have lost all interest in playing Rift.  Is it just because of all the betas that mean nothing? Is it that my time to play will be alot less than I wanted?  Is it the excitement of a new MMORPG, but once it is here its not as exciting?

I will be playing Rift, but I am starting to doubt for how long.  I have to admit these last few months of playing nothing has been a great eye opener.  I don't miss Cataclysm, or Warhammer Online.  I have no itch to play any games.

Lately I have enjoyed catching up on alot of movies, and tv shows.  It has been nice just sitting back, and enjoying real life.


A Special Valentines Message

Build your relationship step by step, and fix the small things
Today I wanted to talk about Love, and Valentine's Day.  It is more than just one day a year that we express our love to each other.  What makes Valentine's so special is what we did to grow your relationship in the last year, and the years before that.

Every relationship has its ups, and downs.  Every day you go up a step, and reach new heights in your relationship.  Some days you may fall.  Luckily the steps you built on the way up allow for you to stand back up, and keep climbing.  Of course going down stairs is easier than climbing, but never give up so easily, and continue to climb those stairs.

Yesterday my neighbor accidentally ran into my apartment stairwell.  As you can see it did quite a bit of damage, but the stairs all the way to the top didn't fall.  You can still reach the top step by step like a relationship, and fix the small things without replacing every step.

I look back at my relationships, and realize so many times I should have just dusted myself off, and kept climbing.  I always took the easy way out of all my relationships.  Can you guess how I spend my Valentine's now?

I spend them thinking of all the ones I let get away.  I was so selfish in my younger days that I cared only about myself.  I spent more time thinking who was next instead of building my stairway of love with someone who cared about me.  Here I am in my forties, and looking to build that first step again instead of looking down 300 flights of stairs.

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Twist And Shout

The past few months I have been giving blog recognition on Wasdstomp in a different way.  Usually at the bottom of every post I link in my related articles other bloggers who are writing about the same games, ideas, or rants.  Today I am flashing back a few months, and giving recognition directly in my post.

If you still love Warhammer, and love to laugh I recommend you read Healeroftru's blog.  The thing I love about his blog is it stands out compared to all other Warhammer Online blogs out there.  He writes his posts in some oddball leetspeek or something.  He cracks me up every time I read one of his posts.  You won't ever find the same old things rehashed like on most other Warhammer blogs.  His polls, and the answers he lets you select are funny too.  You can't help yourself from not voting.  I can't stop talking about how great his blog is.  His screenshots with his special captions makes me laugh too.

I just recently discovered The Lunar Shepard.  I saw a tweet from Twitter about Blogrolls, and I had to leave a comment.  I felt so passioniate about it that I basically wrote a blog post as a comment.  Today he is talking about Twitter being in talks with Google about selling.  I plan on writing another great comment once I finish this blog post today.  I just find his posts very inviting to comment on, and I am sure you will feel the same way once you read his blog.

My final blog is Oakstout.  Believe it or not I found someone else in the blogosphere that is angrier than me.  It seems Oak is always fired up about something.  I had the pleasure of listening to it on vent every night.  It cracked me up listening to him rant in his N.C. accent.  Just be careful saying the word beta around him unless you are talking about the fish you find in little cups at the pet store.

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Lego Or Minecraft?

Today I started thinking about Lego Universe.  The MMORPG seems to have basically dropped off most gaming sites, and blogs radars.  I wasn't even sure if it had closed down already.  The game must be doing pretty good that a new Ninja zone is being added, and it's the biggest zone in the game.

It just makes me wonder if an MMORPG was the right direction for Lego?  What if Lego decided to make a Minecraft type of Lego game called Legocraft?  Would they have more players play it than are currently playing Lego Universe?  I know Minecraft is sort of known for its outdated graphics, and all but with the Lego name you would think the game would go even more viral than Minecraft.

Most adults grew up with Legos.  I just think with all the variety of Lego pieces it would be twice as fun to make things in Legocraft than Minecraft. It would be similar in many ways with the blocky look, but also different in many ways.   I am just curious what other players think?
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Going Solo For Rift

I have decided to go with my gut, and play Rift solo.  I find myself more focused, and motivated playing games alone.  On Headstart I will be randomly picking a server to join.  I don't plan on letting anyone know my character name, or what server I have decided to play on.  I probably won't even join a guild right away unless I run across the perfect guild.

I love the feel of a new game community.  I don't want to be playing with people I know from blogging, twitter, or past games, and thirty days later I am the only one left actively playing in the guild.  I find myself not being able to be myself when I play with people I know.  I want to be able to blog about things that piss me off, or my worthless group, or whatever.  I want to rage in vent without having to hold myself back because other bloggers are on.  It is much harder to blog when everyone else in your guild is doing the same thing.  This is an opportunity for me to make new friends, and experience the whole new adventure in Rift.


Fix Lag In Rift With Free Download

Are you experiencing lag in Rift?  Are you crying when you mouseover the computer icon in Rift, and see your FPS is like a slideshow?  Are you getting owned in the Warfronts?  Do your instant spells really not feel like they are instacast?  Are you half dead before you realize someone is attacking you?

I feel your pain.  I have a pretty new computer, and one of the higher speed broadband services, and I still cry when I see how bad my lag was in Rift.  Believe me.  I have tried everything to reduce my latency, and fix my lag in Rift.  I have updated my drivers, defrag my hard drive, fix registry errors, run virus and malware programs, and I still would get the same lag.

I than discovered this free download that reduces lag, and made my Rift gaming experience very enjoyable.  I went from the bottom of the leaderboard in the Warfronts to the top.  I was always getting the most killing blows.  You would have to be crazy to not use this free download to fix any lag you have in Rift.

What are you waiting for?  Download it for free right now before you respawn in the graveyard again.
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Warhammer Online Lag Fixed With Free Download

Are you tired of lagging in Warhammer Online?  Do you have to avoid heavily populated zones?  Are you not able to enjoy the game because of the lag?  Are you constantly crashing to desktop?  Are you dead before you even know it?  Are other players getting the jump on you in PvP before you even know you are in combat?

The fix to solve all your latency, and lag issues in Warhammer Online is finally here.  You can read about how this free download changed my gaming experience in World of Warcraft, and now it is available for Warhammer Online.  I will never play an MMORPG again without using this program which lowers your ping by 60-90%.  It is just amazing.

What are you waiting for?  Download it for FREE right now, and experience the difference yourself.
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If I Became Warhammer Online Producer

WAR Resurrection would be new Free RvR Pack to introduce F2P to Warhammer Online.

All current currency will be changed into one token system.  No more confusion.

Renown system revamp.  Earn RvR Spirits (1 pt per renown level) see Rift Souls for example

Servers are pvp race FFA.  It is no longer destro vs order.  Now each race can fight each other in Tier 5.  Now it is a six faction game to keep game balanced.

Each race now has access to each class from each faction.  You can now be a dwarf brightwizard.

City sieges removed from game.  Each city can now be invaded live (no instances).  Other missing cities added.

Scenarios removed from game completely.

Tier 4 caps at RR79, Tier 5 80-100

Remove diminishing returns on renown.  Equal distribution of renown to all group members in circle of renown.

RvR zones switched to AB style with keeps removed.  Must hold all 5 for 15 mins to lock zone.

No zone locking renown bonus.  Locking a zone now gives you temporarily 1 extra rvr spirit point, and takes away 1 rvr spirit point from losing race.

All rvr sets of armor removed from game

Introduce f2p cash shop.  no more crafting...all talismans, pots, etc purchasable in cash shop.

End game pvp set bought with new one token fits all currency system.

Skaven removed from game along with TI

RvR packs will now be free.

Guild levels removed from game.

Cross server rifts.  You can now join another server through a rift for an hour and have a little fun.

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Ventrilo Play by Play

I am a huge advocate of using vent while gaming.  I believe it should be used exclusively.  It helps with all communication in the game.  Of course a mic, and headset should be a requirement too.  It never fails the guy who likes to talk the most doesn't use push to talk, and uses speakers.

My biggest pet peeve is the idiots in vent.  I don't need to hear your random cries, cussing, and laughing to yourself.  I can't tell you how annoying it is that some idiot in your guild thinks everything they do is important.  All you hear on this end is huh, huh, huh like they are prompting you to know what they are laughing about.  You soon realize they think everything is funny.  Oh man I one shotted that turtle.  Oh geez my arrow went right in his eye.  Oh my God I just killed a mob with 25 health.

It doesn't take long to figure out that this person loves to hear themselves talk.  All I can say is I love you mute.


Three Day Rift Betas: Good Or Bad?

Rift is now in the middle of its sixth beta.  The betas are scheduled to last 3 days, but are extended a day or two on a few.  Is this the best way to test a game?  Is it attracting more tourists than testers?  Does it end up selling more games making it more like an open beta than a closed beta, or does it possibly lose sales for players who try it, and end up not buying it?

I just don't feel like players are really testing.  If you ask most players they are using it to get that jump start on someone who may of not played the beta once release comes.  I have just found most of the beta times inconvenient, and never enough time in advance to plan for it.

Do I feel like I am contributing to the beta test?  I would say no if you compare it to my World of Warcraft beta testing, and when I beta tested Shrouded Isles for DAOC.  I felt obligated to login, and progress my character every single day.  Guilds were formed, communities created, enemies made, and so on.  In Rift the beta seems like new faces every time.  It doesn't seem like most players are pushing the level caps.  This could spell disaster later on.

Warhammer Online learned that the hard way during their testing.  Basically no end game testing was initially tested so once players started hitting forts, flipping zones, taking cities, 18 hour lockouts, and etc they were scrambling to fix stuff.  They didn't really know if the King fight worked.

The three day betas have given players a huge opportunity to test out souls, and the class they will eventually play, but once again nothing end game being tested to see how balance will be at level 50.  I still want to see how pvp prestige, and pvp souls work like.  I want beta seven or eight to let us build level 50 template characters.

Is beta really about letting players grind out levels?  It should be about testing content so each beta should of given players the opportunity to /level 20 /level 27 /level 33 and etc.  This would give Rift devs a better idea if everyone was debugging dungeons, and pvp instances.

I don't know.  It could be that I am just burned out on betas, and have no desire to put in countless hours for a character that is just going to get deleted.  What do you think?   Do you prefer longer closed beta testing for several months with a week open beta, or the short 3 day beta spurts?

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Warhammer Online Server Mergers Is Not The Answer

How many times have they tried server mergers, and eventually it gets down to the need to do it again?  When will they figure out it is the game mechanics, and if the game was fun to play there wouldn't be an issue with lack of population?  How do they put a positive spin on this?  How much longer till it is down to one server, and eventually the game dies?

I am sure all the fanboi's right now are celebrating.  It will be some good fighting for a month or so, and than Gorfang will be right back to where it was.  The answer to the game isn't increasing population by merging servers.

Gorfang will die off just like every other high population server in WAR.  It has happened since day one of server mergers.  Everyone gets excited.  Everyone loves pvp, and fights in the zone.  After a week or two one side is dominating the other faction so they go back to flipping zones in opposite pairings.  Players get bored again.  Some quit from always losing, and some after they realize it is the same old boring renown grind.

You have the others who quit because being farmed by RR90+ players in scenarios isn't fun.  Will there ever be RR based scenarios?  My guess is probably not.  If they are merging three servers they probably can barely get scenarios to pop normally.  Also with the merger it doesn't leave much room for argument about cross server scenarios because before long there will be only one server.

For me the game still has the core issues that probably drives more players away from the game than anything.   The gear gap from a RR40, and RR85+ is so huge.  Until they figure out that they only need 2-3 tiers of gear, and not eight players aren't going to stick around to gain little renown from being farmed by higher rank players.  It just isn't fun.

Secondly fighting needs to be locked to one pairing.  Letting players easily farm renown by flipping zones without any fighting is just stupid.  Where is the fun in RvE?

Thirdly TI is a joke.  Players waiting how long for this Skaven dungeon that was to be like Darkness Falls?  I remember going in there, and thinking this is it?

The server mergers just aren't going to work.  Remember when you would get frustrated at your current server, and reroll to a new one?  That option is basically dead now.  Your server options are getting less, and less so now instead of players rerolling they will just ragequit, and move to Rift.


MMORPG Addiction

Addiction comes in many different forms.  There is alcohol, drugs, sex, mmorpg, and so many more addictions.  I could list thousands of addictions.  Is it human to have some kind of addiction?  Is there such a thing as good addictions?  What causes someone to become addicted?

I personally have many addictions.  I have a blogging, internet, twitter, gaming, alcohol, trichotrillia, spending, and I am sure more.  Did I see each one coming?  Is it an addiction, or is it passion?  I see a little of both in each.

Today is a good example of my blogging, internet, twitter, and gaming addiction.  They all sort of feed off of each other.  I spend many hours on my computer, and when I am sitting in bed that night I realize how I basically have wasted a whole day.  Is it really wasted?  What else would I have done with all that time?

My boss called me into the office today to inform me of my promotion.  It actually caught me a little off guard.  Our store is basically closing down for six months for a remodel in May so I figured I was just riding out the last couple months before being sent to another store for six months.  My boss instead tells me I am going to be in charge of the department because that person took the job at another location.

This is a great opportunity, but instead of being excited I was actually pissed off inside.  My plans of taking a vacation to play Rift for ten days is probably not going to happen since in two weeks I will be in charge.  My gaming addiction is so strong that I would rather play Rift for ten days.  It is sad because this is my opportunity to excel before the closure, and guarantee me this position when the store finishes the remodel.

So now I have to figure out what is more important in my life.  Is it gaming, or moving up again at my job?  I know what the answer should be, but there is always that gaming addiction that takes over my life.  I still love gaming at my age, and see me playing until the day I die in real life at my keyboard.
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