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My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 5

I initially was going to hold off on releasing My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 5 for tomorrow, but after finally reaching lava, and my first diamond I couldn't stop myself from getting it done today.  The past few days I have been pretty busy in Minecraft, and I wanted to share with you my progress.

My mining tunnel has now finally reached lava.  After almost 60 blocks deep, and 40+ tunnel hallways I finally saw my first lava.  If that wasn't exciting enough about five minutes later I discovered my first two blocks of diamonds.  I have to say I was pretty excited to finally achieve these things in the game.  I was starting to wonder if my world even had lava, and now I know it does.

I touched up some of my buildings with some cobblestone where it was missing.  It is so hard to spend time doing that when I have so much else I want to do.  I sometimes wish I had a helper or two to do some of the things I would rather delegate than do myself.

I also cut off some of the new building.  It just looked a little out of place, and it opened up the waterway which looks way cooler than being hidden inside the walls.  I added some grass on the back side to basically complete the first half of this huge building project.

I added a small walking bridge to cross to the other side for now as I extended the major waterfall from my house all the way to the end of my current building area.  I thought it was a nice way to separate these areas, and start making it look like more than one giant house.

I also went roaming around a little bit while killing cows for some leather armor.  I saw some new areas I am going to tackle in upcoming episodes.  With my current projects I am probably still looking to make at least five more episodes before I finally let go of this area, and move on to a whole new project in my Minecraft world.

I almost had a priceless moment today too.  As I was exploring by the lava, and removing blocks I removed a block that sent a rush of water, and the current almost put me right into the lava.  Luckily I stopped about a block away.  I think that would have ruined my day losing all my iron pickaxes, my newly looted diamonds, and redstone.
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35 Blocks Deep And Digging

The last few days I really needed a break from my Minecraft house.  I did a little cosmetic touch ups outside, but decided it was time to do something new.  I started building my mining area.  I am digging, and digging until I seem to have blisters on blisters on my fingers.

I have gone about thirty five blocks deep so far.  I ran into my first gold, but only about four blocks before it disappeared.  I am literally digging my mine in a square area, dropping down a block every ten to fifteen blocks of going straight.  I just keep going, and going, and after about thirty blocks I start digging to the right to try to stay digging in a square below the mine building.  This tunnel down could literally be the tunnel of death.  It goes on forever, and ever.

I am not sure how much further I have to dig down to reach lava.  I really want to finally see lava in the game, and hopefully I reach it sometime today.  Once I get to lava I am not exactly sure what I will do after that.  Hopefully it isn't falling in, and dying.

If I get to a good spot, and I am happy with it I may get Episode 5 out tonight, but it all depends on if I either reach the bottom of the world, lava, or I am still digging.


My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 4

Finally.  My Minecraft House after Two Weeks Episode 4 is uploading right now.  Every new project takes way longer than I initially think it will take.  I just keep finding things to tweak, or change.  It is so hard to find a stopping point, and start filming knowing there is still so much work to do.

I was able to mold, and shape most of the new area.  I have leveled out most areas surrounding the buildings.  I planted some trees, and grass this time.  I built a deck out onto the water.  I built several tunnels, and probably in episode 7 or 8 I will start building my mine in the one new building.  It should be pretty exciting to work on something more below ground . I added lots of stairs throughout also.

Of course Minecraft is very addiciting.  I keep thinking of everything I want to accomplish in my Minecraft world, and can't wait to finally be able to say I am done.  Is that even possible?
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My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 3

The last few days all I have done in Minecraft is dig soil.  I am not kidding.  I wish there was a block removal counter because it felt like I have removed enough blocks to fill the ocean.  Anyways I think I am at a good stopping point to take a breather, and upload my newest video My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 3.

I basically took a huge area next to my current house, and stripped all the soil down to the rock.  You may have to watch My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 2 again to see what it looked like before I started.  I wanted to get a new video out so the area is still under major construction.

I still haven't totally decided on how I am going to do it all, but it will eventually get incorporated into my current house.  I am sorry.  I just can't help myself even though I am trying.  I am not completely done stripping the soil.  I still have the area by the waterfall on the side of my house which is all part of my newest stage of building.  Once I complete that which will probably be sometime later tonight I can start visually putting the puzzle together.

It is going to be pretty sweet when I finish this part, and hopefully I will be able to get episode 4 out by the end of the week if everything goes well.

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Time, Time, And More Time

I keep adding more to my Minecraft world each day.  I initially think of my next area to work on, and I seem to way underestimate the time to complete it in Minecraft.  Unfortunately reality usually hits me after I have spent a whole day in one area, and still not even close to what I want that piece of the world in Minecraft to look like.

I really am trying to try to venture away from my current house, but in the back of my mind I am still thinking how it will interconnect with my huge house. Who knows what is going to happen in my world of Minecraft?  In the end it may by one gigantic house in Minecraft.

I was really hoping to show some screenshots of my latest work, but it is taking so much longer than I even imagined.  I guess it may be good that I don't do construction in real life because every 3-5 hour project ends up taking like three days.

I have the next few days off from work so hopefully I will be able to make some great progress, and be able to show everyone my latest creations.  Anyways time to get back to the grindstone.


My Minecraft House After Three Weeks Video Update

I have been playing Minecraft alot this last week, and have an exciting new video to share with you.  My house keeps getting better, and better.  The addicting part is you always find something you want to add, fix, redo, or whatever.  I am going to try to take a small break from my house, and work on something else in my Minecraft world, or otherwise I may end up working on this house for the next ten years.

Well here is my newest video in full HD My Minecraft House After Three Weeks.

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Cool Updates To My Minecraft House

I have been putting alot of hours into Minecraft the last few days.  It gets addicting.  I start off by saying I am going to just do this little section, than that leads to this section, and I can't log off without finishing this part.  I feel like I made some major accomplishments the last few days.  I figure adding some screenshots is the easiest way to show some of my recent changes to my house in Minecraft.

A Waterfall from the side of my house.  I plan on adding a huge viewing window above it on the house probably today.

This is currently where the waterfall goes to.  I am going to turn this into an indoor pool area.

I redesigned this side of my house a little so it doesn't look like a ship.

I moved the water in alot closer, and made a walkway around.

I added a deck, and a diving board to this side of the house.

An overall front view of my house.

I made my windows more open for better views.

Another view of the front of my house.


Big Progression Today In Minecraft

Today I spent a bunch of time in Minecraft.  I was able to accomplish quite a bit in my house that has been bugging me for months.  It feels good to be playing Minecraft again.  It makes me feel good at the end of every Minecraft session the things I have accomplished in my world.

I finally have the left side of my house looking pretty good.  I added alot more to my house, a deck out on the water, and a diving board to go swimming.  It makes the front of the house almost complete for now.

On the right side of my house I have the part of my house that looks like a ship in a way.  I am sort of out of ideas for this side so my only option is to keep digging, and bring the water all the way up to the house on that side.  I see it probably taking 3-5 hours of digging to get all the way up to the house.

I also decided to hollow out my windows so they look bigger.  I will finish up this digging, and than move to the side of my house, and start building again.  It has a waterfall already so somehow I will be incorporating that into it.

I am not sure if it is my imagination, or if night time seems so much longer now, and darker.  It seemed like I was able to still see pretty well at night, but it is now literally pitch black, and seems to last forever compared to daytime.


My First Night Back In Minecraft

I never realized I could forget how to play such a simple game.  I forgot almost every crafting recipe in the game.  I had to watch a Youtube tutorial to refresh my memory.  I have to say it was great to be back in Minecraft letting my imagination go wild.  No pressure, or stress, but lots of self satisfaction every time you accomplish something in the game.

Last night I had this crazy idea to go explore the island I could barely see across the water from my house.  I jump into the water, and I start seeing this blurp, blurp, blurp, and my hearts going down.  I kept trying to go up for air, but had no idea how.  I tried to turn back around, but it was too late.  My first death in Minecraft.

It put me at my respawn point with nothing.  It has been months, and I had no idea which direction to go.  I thought I built pretty close to my respawn, but I couldn't find my house anywhere.  I just started walking along the water line, and still nothing.  I saw more land on the other side of the water so I figured out how to swim, and made my way over.  I watched My Minecraft House After Two Weeks to see which way the clouds moved, which side the sun rose, and the moon to get a bearing on my direction.   I ended up spending about two hours finding my house again.

I was so close to just starting over in a new area.  I saw some really cool spots to build.   I realized that the world is huge, and it could take years to completely build just one world map in Minecraft by yourself.  I have lots of ideas so I can't wait to start digging again.  The first thing on my list is to finish my house, or at least try to.
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Burnout 101

Once again I am at that point in Rift where I just can't get the motivation to keep going.  I am losing interest fast. I don't even think the founders pricing is going to keep me going.  I think I am going to have to play another genre a while, or it could end up being permanent.

After reading Oakstout's post I am feeling like I am in the same boat.  No matter what playstyle you chose in the game you are still grinding.  It doesn't matter if it is crafting, pvping, pveing, or whatever.  You are never done.  I am sick of grinding.

I think I am sick of MMORPG genre pvp too.  I think it may be time to move over to FPS again to get my fix for killing players.

The other day I downloaded three sports games I am dying to play, and I started up Minecraft again.  I think it should keep me busy, and keep my mind off of Rift.


25 and Going Up

I finally hit level 25 in Rift.  I know it is hard to believe.  I know some players who have already hit 50, and passed me up with their alts already.  At least this time I am sticking to my guns, and only leveling up doing Warfronts.

I have come to realize that the leveling this way is brutal.  It is going to take forever to hit level 50.  I will have so much favor saved up I will be able to buy ten sets of epics.  The biggest downfall I have seen with only leveling in the Warfronts is money.  Most players don't even bother looting other players so I may make 50 silver per warfront.   Sadly that doesn't even pay for my class skill training.  I have put in a few suggestions to increase the loot drops, and incorporate auto looting when a player dies like the way it works in Warhammer.

I was able to buy a few blues with my favor at level 25, but not a full set like I thought it would be.  I may have to keep raising my Moribund, and Eldritch rep to open up more stuff.  I am already thinking there needs to be more pvp sets of gear as you level up since favor is all you really earn if pvp is all you do.

I also joined my first guild last night that promised pvp only.  They promise premades, world pvp, and vent.  Basically it fills three of my requirements of a guild.  Now we will see if they organize real premades or if it is 5 guys just running around doing there own thing, and not taking orders.  I have no problem leaving a guild if it isn't up to my pvp standards.
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Black Garden Domination

I finally received my final overall achievement in Black Garden which is Black Garden Domination.  I am now 170/170.  Most of the achievements were pretty easy to finish, but I couldn't figure out the power up one.  I thought maybe you received a power up when holding the fang, but after killing players it didn't give me my final power up achievement.

I decided to roam a little in the Black Garden, and I finally found where these hidden power ups are.  They are so out of the way they are pretty pointless to even use.  They are basically all the way east or west on your Black Garden map.  If you feel like you are running off to hide to go afk you are heading in the right direction.  I am not sure why they put them so far away from where the action is.  By the time you run back to where everybody is fighting you only have about 20 seconds left of the one minute timed buff which gives you a 100% spell power, or melee power boost.

Here is a summary of all the achievements for Black Garden to earn the title Black Garden Domination

  • Power from the Pain
  • Strike them Down
  • Left holding the Fang
  • Star Offense
  • Star Quarterback
  • The best Defense is the best Offense
  • Carrier Down
  • Carrying Corruption
  • Smash and Grab
  • Win a victory in Black Garden


How To Be An Idiot Noob In Rift

My Stats in Rift After Armor Upgrade

I should write a book.  I do so many boneheaded noob moves I could probably make millions selling my book.  So what did I do this time to make myself look like a complete idiot, and noob?  It is so bad I think I don't even want anyone to know from embarrassment.

Okay I guess you convinced me to spill my guts.  Well, remember when I said I was going to PvP all the way to 50?  I have my eyes on alot of level 25 pvp gear that I can buy easily with all my favor.  I thought my gear wasn't that bad.  The problem was I never actually looked at it.

My Rift stats before armor upgrades
I literally had five open slots where I had nothing.  My head, shoulders, neck, and rings were empty, and almost every piece of gear I looked at on the auction house increased my stats by at least triple.  No wonder I felt like I couldn't one versus one anyone.  I was basically running around naked this whole time.

It is funny in a way.  I kept thinking my character looked a little underdressed, but once again for some reason I just didn't look at my gear.  If I had a gearscore it probably would of been like 342.  Anyways I am off to see how much better my survivability is in the Warfronts now that I will be in god mode compared to what I was.

I guess you can look at my idiot noobness as a blessing in a way.  All those fights probably taught me to be a better pvper, and now with my increased stats I hopefully will be winning now.  I just need to learn how to kite better.


Free Redbox Game Rental By Reserving Online

Ever rented from Redbox?  It is so convenient, and easy.  You can reserve your favorite game online, or movie and pick it up at the Redbox location.  It is cheap.  Dvd rentals are a buck, and Bluray and Games are just two bucks a night.  You can return them to any Redbox which is also very convenient when you are finished watching, or playing them.

The best part right now is they are offering a free rental just by reserving online.  How easy is that?  Currently the promotion runs until 3/17/11 so hurry, and get your free rental.
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My First Warfront Premade Tonight

Sounds like fun huh?  Premades are always fun because you rarely lose, and usually destroy pugs.  Today I thought I would see if anyone would bite on making a premade?  It didn't take long to have a full group, and off into the queue we went.

The queue hated our group.  The average queue time solo was almost instant, but we were forced to wait over 10 minutes each time.  How hard is it to let a full group in?

Anyways we all decided that the plan was to camp out at Codex.  Everyone seemed to understand the concept of winning in there.  I thought to myself that this was going to be alot of fun.

The Warfront starts, and we all rush Codex.  We easily take it, and I am one happy camper.  I thought okay we will just camp out up here, and protect the flag.  What was I thinking?  The next thing you know my whole premade is off doing their own thing.

I knew the premade was fail when at the end the healer was bragging about his healing, the dps was bragging about best damage on the scoreboard, and so on.  I thought I would give it one more chance.  Once again we enter a Warfront, but this time none of my premade even made it to Codex.  I just ended up putting up the white flag, and did my own thing, and left the premade after that Codex.

The next Codex I join solo, and we destroy the Guardians.  We held all 4 flags, and I finally finished my win 5 codex quest.  It was the best way to end my night with a great victory like that.
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Playing A Ranger In Warfronts In Rift Is Fun

I still love my Ranger in Rift.  It can be frustrating to lose Warfront after Warfront, but when I look back at each one I actually enjoy myself.  I kill so many players it just makes it fun.  I just see triple digit numbers flying everywhere on my screen.  Who can complain about that?

I love everything about my Ranger build in Rift.  Here is a build calculator showing my current build at level 22, but it isn't 100% accurate.  It will at least give you the general idea of how OP a Ranger can be.  Of course I have a hard time in one versus one fights especially if they come in melee range.  I just suck at that part of my character.  I just say watch out though if you let me fire away in the distance at a crowd of red players.  I am a killing machine.

Currently some of my favorite spells are trick shot, concussive blast, rain of arrows, double shot, virulent poison, and a few more.  I just love playing my Ranger in Rift.


Hold The Codex, and Win

I have a new phrase now.  Not only do I say get fang, hold fang, win in Black Garden in Rift I now say Hold the Codex, and Win in the Codex Warfront.  Does anyone read the objectives?  By my experiences so far I think possibly only Guardian knows how to read.  I just can't believe that Defiant can fail at every Warfront in Rift.

It clearly states in the Codex Warfront that holding the Codex gives you bonus points compared to the other three points.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  Grab the Codex, and than one other control point.  You hold those two, and no matter what you can't lose.

The problem is getting that in other players heads.  All they see is some control point barely guarded, and the next thing you know you turn around and notice you are the only one left at the Codex.  Can you guess what happens next?  Yup, I die the Guardian take Codex, and the other control point still belongs to Guardian.

Trying to get everyone back at the Codex is like trying to herd cattle.  It is possible, but the odds are better at winning your state lottery.  I don't care if you have 37 killing blows, are did 345k in damage.  Did we win?


Warfront Monsters Is Now Recruiting on Ashstone Server Defiant in Rift

Okay.  I know I said I was going to pvp in Warfronts until level 50.  Why did I want to torture myself on a nightly basis?  How hard is it to learn how to play Black Garden?  I will give you the easy cliff note version for all the lazy World of Warcraft players who have decided to play Rift.  It is simple.  All you do is AOE the fang at the start, someone grab fang, run fang back by tree, hold fang, and win.

It sounds easy doesn't it?  I think it does, but guess what I see every Warfront?

I see idiots fighting by our tree while the fang is being held by the other faction by their tree.

I see idiots fighting in the middle when the fang is being held elsewhere.

No one grabs the fang when it drops.

No one tries to kill the guy holding the fang.

No one uses AOE to prevent opposite faction players from picking up the fang.

No one sticks with the fang carrier so when he drops it, the other faction runs off with it.

This is the reason I just want to create my guild Warfront Monsters.  It is simple.  You do premade Warfronts, you use vent, and you understand that winning Black Garden is easy if you AOE the middle, grab the fang, run back to the tree, hold the fang, and win.

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I Am Doing Warfront PvP All The Way to 50

I hate PvE that much.  Will I eventually do PvE?  Why just do Warfronts all the way to 50?  Isn't it slower leveling through pvp than pve?  What about all the cool content I will never see?

PvP is so addiciting for me.  I just can't stop doing Warfronts.  I know it could be a bad sign.  I am going to regret not knowing my way around.  I just don't have the drive to even leave Meridian.  I just queue up for the Warfronts, and just keep doing Black Garden over, and over.

Will it cause me to get burned out?  Will not doing Rifts put me behind in the gear grind?  I keep hearing that pvp gear is all you need so why even bother with instances, and dungeons?


How To Win Black Garden Every Time in Rift

Black Garden is the first Warfront you encounter in Rift.  It is one of the easiest to win, but it seems no one seems to know the secret to winning every time.  Would you like to know the secret of winning every time you join a Black Garden warfront in Rift?

After I tell you how simple it is you will be amazed on how easy it really is to win the Black Garden warfront.  The main objective is to hold the fang.  Yes it looks like a fang, or a big tooth.  It initially spawns right in the middle of the warfront.  It can't be missed.

Of course you want to run in, and grab it.  Once you have the fang the biggest secret is you want to hold it as near to the middle as possible.  You want the rest of your faction zerging around you so that they can easily pick it up once you drop it.

As long as everyone is healing you, or ready to click to pick up the fang once you drop it you simply can't lose.  By holding the fang near the middle you gain nearly six points a second.  The farther away the less points you get.

Rift makes it real easy to know who has the fang.  The healthbar shows up on the right of your UI right below the blue and red scoreboard that shows each factions current points.  The person also has a glowing around them that shoots up into the sky.  You can't miss who has the fang.

If your team doesn't have the fang than everyone needs to be clicking on that name, and taking that person down.  You need others doing AOE around the fang so you can pick it up, and run back to the middle.

Can you believe it is really this easy to win Black Garden every time in Rift, but players decide to do their own thing instead?  I know I find myself frustrated so many times in Black Garden because players run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

/Who Mythic

One by one the Warhammer Online team is getting smaller.  I am starting to wonder who is even left working there.  I think even the remaining workers are seeing the writing on the wall.  I just hope they leave at least one person working there to finally flip the switch, and kill the game.

I think it is a pretty big slap in the face that someone leaves WAR, and takes a job with Rift.  I am not sure I would hire anyone that worked on WAR, but we will see how that works out.    How are these guys even getting jobs in the same industry without having a one year NDA type of agreement on their contracts?

I am sure Bioware is just glad to see people leave on their own, and not have public layoffs again so they are probably relaxing the rules a bit.  I give Warhammer Online until the end of the year if it makes it that long.