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My Minecraft Little Town

I have spent quite a bit of time working on this little town in Minecraft.  It is a pretty massive area, and completes the area around My Minecraft Apartment High Rise.  I will be moving onto another new area starting tomorrow. I have to go exploring once again, and find some area that sparks my creativity.

It took me many, many hours to level the area around the whole circumference of My Minecraft Apartment High Rise.  It felt like a huge accomplishment just completing it.  I meant to look at my stats, and see how many blocks I actually removed.  I bet it was thousands, and thousands.

I built about fifteen separate buildings this time around, and experimented with using colored wool for the carpet, and roof.  It looked great until the trees I planted near the lava grew, and caught fire.  It was a horrible feeling working on my current glass house seeing everything go up in flames.  I just wanted to ragequit.  All my work erased in a matter of about a minute.  The only thing left standing was the glass.  Everything else burned up.  The roof, floor, and all the chests etc were gone.

Luckily I kept going despite the fire.  I made some pretty amazing stuff this time.  I created this huge waterfall that cascades over a whole mountainside.  It is breathtaking.  I finally figured out a cool way to make a fireplace using a mob spawner.  It looks pretty sweet.  I also used the mob spawner to create a flame grill in one of my restaurant buildings.

I think this is my best project yet, and hope you enjoy watching the video.
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The Making Of The Bottom Floor

I feel like a chinese farmer I am grinding so many blocks in Minecraft for hours at a time.  I knocked out my bottom floor already.  I guess time flies when you are having fun.

I have My Minecraft Apartment High Rise episode 3 already uploaded, and ready to watch.  I once again did some narrating, and it should make it easier to understand what I am doing.

I found my first dungeon last night.  I play on peaceful so the mob spawner didn't spawn any mobs.  It is probably a good thing because I didn't really know what it was, and I probably would have died, and ragequit.  I found some cocoa beans in the chest along with pretty much worthless stuff.

I still have alot of the outside blocks to remove, but I just wanted to get the bottom floor done so this weekend I will probably spend clearing it out.  I built another stairwell going down to make an underground level, but I may not do it right now.  I guess it all depends on my building ideas once I have all that area outside cleared.

My video card is also on its last leg, and I will have to go buy a new one sometime this weekend.  It is a little ironic to have to buy a new video card for Minecraft.


Minecraft Apartment High Rise: The Making Of The Middle Floor

I am still building My Minecraft Apartment High Rise, and finished my middle floor today.  After about eight hours of removing blocks, adding the glass frame, gutting the second floor, laying a new wooden floor, creating the new floor plan, decorating each apartment, and any other finishing touches it is done.

I made my video The Making of the Middle Floor a little different than all my previous videos.  I decided to eliminate the music, and actually narrate it.  I think it worked out really well because I was able to explain things easier instead of just watching a video.

My next episode will be adding the bottom floor.  I can't wait to finish it so I can work on the landscaping around the building before moving on to my next project.


My Minecraft Apartment High Rise

The top floor of My Minecraft Apartment High Rise is now finished.  I have put alot more detail into it now that I am using Invedit to build.  It is amazing how fast I can do things now.  It should allow me to do more updates as I am able to complete things much quicker instead of spending half my time gathering, and crafting materials needed.

Initially I started off with this huge mountain of sand, and had a general idea to square up the sides, add some windows, and make it my next castle.  It felt like it was going to be like all my other houses so I decided to actually decorate this one floor by floor.  It took a while to level off most of the top of the mountain initially to get a good foundation to start building.

The top story was completely dug out block by block.  It took forever it seems.  I had a few different plans, but finally decided on this one.  I spent alot of time doing things over after not liking the look.  I tried to add an  aquarium to one of the apartments, but I just couldn't get it to look right so I blew it up.

I have tried some different looks for fireplaces, but so far after finishing them I end up destroying them because it doesn't look right.  I did experiment a little with the lighting in each room.  I tried to make them a little like chandeliers with the glowstones instead of putting up stupid torches everywhere.

I think it turned out pretty good so far, but I am not looking forward to digging out block by block on the next floor down.  It has to be done, but I first have to go outside on the top floor, and dig around the apartment high rise to square it up with the top floor.

Even with Invedit it still takes forever to dig, but it definitely speeds it up which makes it alot more bearable.  Wish me luck on digging, and hopefully I can get episode 2 out tomorrow.

I Had To Do It

Grinding away in Minecraft can become very tedious.  After so much building, and gathering materials one block at a time it starts to get old.  It seems every time you turn around you have to go grind out some materials.  I am sick of cutting down trees, digging deep for a few iron ore, and maybe 2-3 diamonds.  It slows your building down to a crawl.

I wasted so much time the other day just making glass.  Eventually I ran out of coal, but needed about twenty more glass to finish what I was working on.  Unfortunately the only way to find coal is to dig.  The problem is digging requires pickaxes, and they require wood.  It is a never ending cycle that eventually wears you down.

I had to break the cycle.  I decided to download Invedit.  Yes, I have been a huge advocate of building everything the right way, but I now see how it lets you build much quicker.  You can also spend more time decorating the buildings, and making them nicer.

Currently I tackled a pretty big project, and it is taking much longer to do than I anticipated.  I am building a huge apartment highrise.  It should go much quicker now by using Invedit.  I hope to have a new video update out in the next few days.


Getting Lost In Minecraft

Today I was going to try to finish up my little sand village, but I am an idiot.  I decided to go looking for a good spot to mine some sand.  It seemed easy enough.  I go over a hill here, and a hill there, and across the water to grandmothers house I go.

Guess what?  I obviously go over one too many hills, and lose my sense of bearing.  I go back over a hill or two, and I can't find my sand village, or the first house I built.  I have the worst sense of direction ever so once again I have spent about an hour looking.  I give up again.

I guess the cool part of getting lost is I discover new areas.  I actually found this really cool area so for now I am going to be starting a whole new project again.  This area is filled with massive mountains of sand that will be perfect for building a huge castle.  There is also tons of sand in surrounding areas so I won't have to venture out, and risk getting lost again.

I think I am nowhere near either of my last two builds since my save file went from 16mb to 25mb which means I found lots of new areas.  One of these days I may actually craft a compass, but I have to get some redstone since all my stacks are in chests in my other two houses.
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My Minecraft House of Sand Episode 2

My Minecraft House of Sand has expanded to more than just a house.  It is more like a Sand Village now.  I just hope Notch doesn't implement earthquakes, or this whole sand village could fall in about two seconds.

I experimented with some glass some more, and I really like how it looks.  I just hate how long it takes to craft glass.  It seems to take way to long.  I think it takes at least 15 minutes to craft sixty four glass, or longer.  I was going to time it, but kept forgetting to check the clock.

I finished my mine almost.  I hit rock bottom, and had to go back up when I collected eight diamonds.  I have a few lava waterfalls, and the mine once again goes about sixty levels deep.

I also leveled out the area next to my original house.  It took forever to chip away one block at a time in an area that was about twelve blocks high, and probably one hundred blocks long by fifty blocks wide.  Once I made the area flat I started building houses along the water shoreline.  I decided to make alot of small little hut type houses, and some medium sized ones too.  I am still not done with this area, but most likely will be the feature of my next episode of My Minecraft House of Sand.

You can watch my newest episode of My Minecraft House of Sand, and see all the newest stuff I have added.

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My Minecraft House of Sand Episode 1

I have been doing nothing, but playing Minecraft the last few days.  I am so excited about my newest build area I couldn't stop building.  I have made alot of progress with this area already, and feel it is at a point to show it off a little.

You can watch My Minecraft House of Sand Episode 1 right now.  I have several buildings completed, and everything is made out of sand, and glass.  Yes, I finally decided to make some glass, and try it out.  I love it.  It gave me so many more ideas of things to build now so everything doesn't look the same.

One thing cracked me up when I was making the video which I kept in the video.  I ran across about ten sheep right by one torch by my house.  I was going to kill them all, but decided to just take their wool instead.  It is my sensitive side.

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Making Easy Money On Your Gaming Blog

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Are you tired of making pennies a day?  I can help you get started to actually making money on your gaming blog.  You can sign up as an affiliate, and start making money today.

If you have any questions on how to get started just contact me on Twitter @wasdstomp or leave a comment here.

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My Minecraft House After Two Weeks Episode 6

I finally reached a point on my Minecraft house, and surrounding area to stop.  It isn't 100% the way I want it to look, but I want to move on to a new area of my Minecraft World with something new.  I plan on going on a scavenger hunt for some good areas to start my newest project.

You can watch my final episode of My Minecraft House After Two Weeks, and pretty much see everything I have done.  I tried to hit every area, and give a great tour of my first Minecraft project.

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Running Out Of Ideas For Building In Minecraft

I have almost completed my whole project area now.  I seem to be running out of ideas on what to build.  Everything seems to end up being the same.  I wonder what everyone else out there builds.

Basically my last area I had no idea on what to do.  I ended up shaping the last area like a building, and built a few stairs going up to the top.  Once at the top I decided to dig deep again.  The problem is it feels the same way as my other mining tunnel.  I am thinking about trying to connect the two underground, or try to think of something really cool to build in my underground bunker.

I finished up my other mining tunnel for the most part.  I created a circular lava pit, and in the center I placed alot of torches, and some trees.  I haven't been back down to see if the trees actually grew or not, but my creativity seems to be all dried up right now.  I also connected the waterfall with the lava which is now a great source of obsidian, but I am not sure what to even use it for.

Since I play on peaceful the new wolf pets are useless to me.  I have no bones so I can either trap them for a later day, or just kill them.  They seem to love to spawn near my house since I have torches everywhere.

Should I just keep building the same cobblestone castles, or should I build something fun, and exciting?  I need some ideas.

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I Got My Guild Wars 2 Beta Invite Last Night

Finally.  I am so excited right now.  I stayed up all night downloading Guild Wars 2 beta, and I played it for 8 hours straight.  I am going on no sleep, but all I can say it is totally worth it.  I already cancelled my Rift subscription.  I am so glad I got my Guild Wars 2 Beta invite.  I knew this was the game I have been waiting for.

I can't really say much else right now because of the NDA so my posts may slow down a little because I am going to be too busy playing the Guild Wars 2 beta every chance I get.  If anyone else received their invite I am on the Yule beta server with the name Lucky.
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