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Xbox 720 GPU Benchmarks

Today there was quite a bit of talk on Google Plus about the new GPU for the next gen Xbox 360 after seeing the IGN report.  They are praising that the performance will be six to eight times better than the current generation.  Isn't that a bit unrealistic?

I decided to do a little homework, and check out some benchmarks.  I am not so impressed.  Here is an Aliens vs. Predator on max 1080p settings.  The Xbox 720 GPU gets a poor 20 FPS in this benchmark.  How is this better?,2668.html

I tried to find it on Anandtech, and it probably performed so bad it isn't even listed in their benchmarks.  You can look at some similar type GPU's, and see a 15-20 FPS.

Another interesting claim is it will be twice as powerful as the Wii:U.  I couldn't do a full 1080p benchmark for it, but pretty close, and amazingly the Wii:U is actually three times as good as the Xbox 720 with a 60 FPS.

You can look at what the current Xbox 360 has right here.

Here is some benchmarks for the Xbox 360 GPU.,1279-9.html