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I Am Only Level 4

Today I want to talk about something in gaming that really drives me crazy. It happens every new MMO launch, and it literally makes no sense to me. What drives me so crazy?

It is the players that talk about how great a MMO is for weeks, maybe even months before launch. Every other post on social media is talking about how great the game is. It is the best game ever. Of course this drives me crazy, but this isn't what really drives me crazy. So what does?

It is the same players a week later saying they are taking the game slow to enjoy it, and are only level 4 after a week. How can you even call yourself a gamer? Why would you even waste your money on a game that obviously you played for two hours in a whole week?

I am sorry, but saying you are taking it slow to enjoy it is the biggest lie I have ever heard. No one that is that excited about a game only is level 4 after the first week. I mean no one. Why can't they just admit they don't like the game? There is no other reason you wouldn't be playing it.

Any game launch that I have been interested in usually means 40 hours of work, 60 hours of playing the new game, and 20 hours of sleep the first week. If you truly are excited about a game you will find the time to play.

There is no such thing as playing an MMO, and enjoying the scenery. There is no way anyone kills three mobs, and than explores the zone, and than kills three more mobs. You are either playing the game, or standing afk in town while posting on social media how great the game is.

You aren't fooling me. You can look at any game I have hyped up, and see I have dedicated playing the game for hundreds of hours.  My latest is Diablo 3 with over 215 hours played, and growing daily now that they added Paragon levels.