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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 Will Make Inferno EZ Mode

You can't get away from it. I guess no matter what game you play these days if enough players complain about how hard something is gaming companies will make it EZ mode.  I finally got around to reading the upcoming patch notes to Diablo 3, and every six year old playing the game will be able to finish Inferno mode now.

I guess I can understand it a little bit.  The purpose of the game is to keep farming content over, and over again.  Inferno mode at its current state is not letting everyone enjoy that part of the game.  Will this ruin the economy in the game if more people are farming?  Will it make prices on the auction house more reasonable?  Will it drive the prices up because there will be more demand for weapons, and armor?

You can read the full patch 1.0.5 Diablo 3 patch notes on the official site, but I am going to break them down here.  I am not completely sure how I feel about it right now, but it will definitely change my play style when it happens.  I will no longer have to be defense spec.

I will talk about the Barbarian nerfs since that is what I play.  Blizzard says 87% of Barbarians use the defense spell Warcry.  It is the best way to boost your resistances to lessen the incoming damage.  I find this to be a huge nerf.  I can see changing it from 50% to 40%, but all the way down to 20%.  Are you kidding me?  I think I know that 87% of Barbarians will no longer use this skill after the patch.  It will be a waste.

This changes resists from 1200 all the way down to 960.  That is a huge chunk.  Blizzard has somehow convinced us that reducing all Inferno monster damage by 25% makes up for the difference, and than some.  I am not sure how reducing resists by 30%, and monster damage by 25% is better.  I guess I will have to wait to see the difference for myself.  If I feel like I am almost always dying than I will know it wasn't a fair trade off.

I really do hope that the changes are for the better, and maybe bring back some players who gave up once they hit Inferno.  If indeed it is easier I think in the long run it will make more players want to play the game.

The thing that really peaked my interest is the new Monster Power.  You are basically going to be able to adjust the level of difficulty in Inferno.  I guess it is comparable to something in Diablo 2, but I never played it so the closest comparison I can think of is the difficulty levels of dungeons in World of Warcraft.

It would be nice to make the mobs harder, and in return you get better rewards.  Let's just hope it makes it better than it is now.  The whole drop rate, and quality of drops leaves something to be desired.

All in all the changes will probably be for the better.  We will just have to wait, and see.