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The Coolest 99 Cent Game App For Your Smartphone

Are you looking for a great, creative, and fun game to play on your smartphone?  The new Draw A Stickman Epic adventure game app is just amazing.  You can play it on your Iphone, Ipad, Android, and even Windows 8.

What makes this game app so fun, and exciting?  You get to draw yourself out of situations.  You initially start off by drawing a stickman.  You are than able to walk him around on an adventure.  It is cool as ever.  You have to next draw another stickman which is his friend.

As you adventure through the lands, and different levels you get to solve puzzles to continue your adventure.  It may mean drawing fire to light some dynamite, or make a cloud to water the plants, or draw a weapon to kill a monster.

I have never had so much fun playing a smartphone game app, and for ,99 cents it is worth every penny.