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My Third Game Now 8 Levels

Today after a short power nap I was able to pump out a few more levels.  The game is really starting to come together.  I felt like I was getting stuff accomplished, and doing it much faster now that I have a grip on using Gamemaker Studio Pro software.

I added 3 more levels, and I can barely beat level 8.  I think I achieved my goals of making the game harder.    I did a few tweaks which really helped.  I slowed down the player ship, and the shooting so it now takes longer to clear each level because you just can't zip from one end to the other of the game.  It now takes a few seconds to actually move all the way from the right to the left, and vice versa.

I finally got my scrolling star filled night sky background working.  It adds a whole new look, and feel to the game.  You really feel like you are now floating in space.

I have one annoying bug right now, and I can't quite figure out how to fix it.  The problem is depending on the speed of the asteroids when it hits the player ship it may subtract all your lives before it completely passes through the ship.  It sounds like an easy fix, but it really isn't.  If I destroy the ship when it first hits I can't seem to figure out how to get it back.  If I destroy the asteroid than my score checker to move to the next level will be off, and not advance to the next level.  I may try to see if I can destroy the asteroid, add the 50 point score, subtract a life all in one fell swoop.  It is definitely towards the top of my bug fixes right now.