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This Is Annoying

The other day I found a great deal on Darksiders II at Target.  It was too good to pass up.  It was normally $49.99, and was on sale for $40 off.  It was only $9.99.  I couldn't believe it was this cheap.  I just figured since the gaming company went bankrupt that they were just clearing it out or something.

May I have a drumroll please?  I went to install it, and it kept wanting to install it to Steam.  I thought maybe somehow there was a glitch with Steam being automatically connected.  I manually shut Steam down, and try to download again.  It once again says Steam is required.

I figured I may as well look at the box, and look at the system requirements.  Sure enough it states that Steam is required.  Since when do games bought at a brick and mortar still require Steam?  I know games like Diablo III require connectivity, but this is just lame.

I wanted to buy a game that I could just play offline, but now I have to jump through hoops to play it with Steam offline.  I guess if a price seems too good to be true I better check out the system requirements from now on.