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A Special Valentines Message

Build your relationship step by step, and fix the small things
Today I wanted to talk about Love, and Valentine's Day.  It is more than just one day a year that we express our love to each other.  What makes Valentine's so special is what we did to grow your relationship in the last year, and the years before that.

Every relationship has its ups, and downs.  Every day you go up a step, and reach new heights in your relationship.  Some days you may fall.  Luckily the steps you built on the way up allow for you to stand back up, and keep climbing.  Of course going down stairs is easier than climbing, but never give up so easily, and continue to climb those stairs.

Yesterday my neighbor accidentally ran into my apartment stairwell.  As you can see it did quite a bit of damage, but the stairs all the way to the top didn't fall.  You can still reach the top step by step like a relationship, and fix the small things without replacing every step.

I look back at my relationships, and realize so many times I should have just dusted myself off, and kept climbing.  I always took the easy way out of all my relationships.  Can you guess how I spend my Valentine's now?

I spend them thinking of all the ones I let get away.  I was so selfish in my younger days that I cared only about myself.  I spent more time thinking who was next instead of building my stairway of love with someone who cared about me.  Here I am in my forties, and looking to build that first step again instead of looking down 300 flights of stairs.

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