Gaming has become a huge part of our culture. My gaming adventures started when I was just a little girl, back in the 90s. First gaming console in my hands was a Nintendo, followed by Super Nintendo, Playstation 1, Xbox and as of late a PC. With PC my gaming has been put on a whole new level. I discovered that I can even play some of my older games with something called emulators. In my free time I also play card games, mess around with GoPro drones, Dungeons & Dragons and I read books. Lots and lots of books. But first things first, let talk about WASDStomp and what my plans are with it.


A couple of my friends from the local Dungeons and Dragons role playing group meetups have YouTube channels where they post recordings of their gaming adventures. Between work and all my various hobbies, I don't have time to record myself while gaming so that isn't an option for me. I do have a YouTube channel, but I mostly just post recordings made with my HD camera equipped drone that I recently purchased. Check it out on the previous link if you're interested. As a sort of middle ground I've setup WASDStomp, where I'll document my gaming in text form. Text in 2017, what are you thinking? And it's longer than 140 characters, yuck. Hey it's good enough for me now, and I can start posting videos later on if I gather enough of an audience.

Majority of my postings here on WASDStomp will be about gaming. For example I start playing a new game and then I post updates on my progress playing through it. I'll do reviews, share tips on how to pass a certain level, maybe even post an entire walkthrough for a particular game that I enjoy. Using walkthroughs sort of negates the essence of gaming, but I have found myself using them on a couple of occasions when I got stuck on a certain level in a game (like one of the older Tomb Raiders). In an effort to help out fellow gamers I'm going to be posting walkthroughs of games that I play. They will be a rarity, but I'll do some once in a blue moon.

With the recent switch to PC, I discovered that I can again enjoy in my old Super Nintendo and Playstation 1 titles using emulators. Sadly both my Super Nintendo and Playstation 1 consoles broken down over the years. Game cartridges and CDs though are still good, alive and kicking in my collection. Emulators allow me to still run my old games even thought my consoles have broken down and no longer work. What a great treat it was when I found that out.

The rest of it

On two occasions now I mentioned that I've been playing around with drones under $500. They are my excuse for going outside. Sometimes I get cooked up inside playing games for way to long, which isn't healthy. Then I grab my trusty Tarantula X6, charge a bunch of spare batteries and I hit the park. Tarantula has a decent camera which allows me to record nice drone video footage of my local park and its sights.

Every now and then I might write a review of some of the tech gadgets that I come across, to add a bit of variety into the mix. It's not just drones that I play around with. Other things interest me like small cheap computers and the various projects that can be setup using them. Recently I made a purchase for a Raspberry Pi. Apparently I can setup an emulator for my SNES game on it and hook it up to the TV for a better gaming experiance. I'm looking forward to setting that up for some good and clean retro gaming fun on my big screen TV.

Another thing that I do to get me out of the house is role playing games with a local group of nerds. We are meeting at a local common area and our Dungeons & Dragons adventures have been going on for a year and half now. My God, it's true what they say, time flies by when you're having fun. Dungeon master that runs the group is a fun guy and the rest of the team is equally as good. We are meeting once a week, on Thursdays and it's another great excuse for getting out of the house.

Seeing how WASDStomp will also serve the purpose of a personal blog of mine, I have to warn you that from time you might come across a rant of mine about current events. I'll try to keep those at the minimum, but they will come up. Consider yourself warned.

Let's get the party started

That's pretty much covers everything that I plan on posting here at WASDStomp. I guess all that's left now is to start writing about my gaming exploits. Website is still under development for a few weeks now, so you might come across blank pages while I'm working out where to put what.

Contact page is under construction as we speak. It's a priority of mine so that people can send me messages. I'm still new to this whole webmaster role so please be patient with me. If you happen to see any kind of mistakes, don't hesitate to send me a message. Also contact me if you have suggestions on games that I should play. I'm always open to testing out a cool new game, and we're certainly not lacking good titles. What a time to be a gamer, don't you think? Anywhoo, that's it for now. Hope to see you again soon. Bye.