Dungeon Siege – role playing game from my childhood

Today I’d like to talk about one of the first role playing games on PC that I played, that drew me to the entire genre, Dungeon Siege. It was originally released back in 2002. Everything about the game just clicked for me when I started playing and I would recommend it for anyone even today.

Dungeon Siege – role playing game from the past

Game follows a a main hero, you, in its battle against the evil forces in the Kingdom of Ehb. In the game you start off as a simple peasant. The soldiers of evil known as Krugs are attacking the region, including your farm.

You’re forced to defend your land and at first you have only one weapon, a pick axe and a couple of basic spells at your disposal. How you develop your character depends on what kind of attacks and weapons you prefer. Melee attacks will turn your character into a soldier, good at wielding a sword.

Forcing spells will turn your character into a powerful mage. By using a bow and arrow you can become an experienced archer. New weapons are picked up along the way, or they can be bought in the market place once you hit the city. Entire game is very fun and extremely addicting. Try it and let me know how it goes.