No Man’s Sky fiasco and what we learned from it

Here comes a short rant from me about No Man’s Sky. I warned you that I’ll be posting there from time to time. It’s not exactly off topic seeing how it’s a game, but it’s more of a rant about the situation surrounding No Man’s Sky. It is not about playing the game, seeing how I don’t own it, at least not anymore.

No Man’s Sky fiasco and what we learn from it

I did pre-order No Man’s Skye because I liked the trailers that the game had. I guess it’s the same story like the rest of the people who pre-ordered the game.

Everything seemed like the game should be a hit, but once it was out it felt very empty and flat. Very one-dimensional. I did ask and got a refund, so I haven’t lost anything. What we can come off from this situation that you should not be pre-ordering titles that you are not sure are going to be good enough to play.

From now on I won’t be pre-ordering games because it doesn’t seem safe. I might do it if they are really irresistible. For example I would pre-order DOOM any day of the week. Unknown titles I’m no longer pre-ordering. That’s what we should have taken home from the No Man’s Sky fiasco. What do you think, do you agree?