Playing childhood games on emulators

I only recently purchased a PC that can run modern games. Coming from Xbox, the first Xbox that was released back in 2001, it was quite the upgrade. Games look much more realistic, graphics are amazing and controlling the characters is easier using the mouse and keyboard. There are other advantages to gaming on PC. The one that we’re going to be talking about today are emulators.

Retro emulators for the PC

Retro emulators are available for PC for pretty much every major gaming console from the past. The two that I’ve looked into so far have been ZSNES and ePSX.

These two are emulator for Super Nintendo and Playstation 1, obviously. I had a lot of fun playing games like Super Mario, Contra, Crash Bandicoot and a bunch of others. Actual consoles that I played these games on are long gone. They broke down and all I was left with were the cartridges and CDs.

Emulators that I used are pretty straightforward to setup. They don’t have to be installed. Just download them and run the executable. For ZSNES I had to download ROM files, because I couldn’t put the SNES cartridges into PC, could I now. Don’t worry, ROM download is legal as long as you have the original cartridges of the game.

ePSX emulator can run games from the original game CD. There was no need to download anything. Just pop the game CD in the CD tray, run the emulator and select File >> CD. I didn’t have any kind of problems running the games. They ran perfectly fine, so if you want to play your childhood games on a PC, make sure to checkout ZSNES and ePSX.